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Sports Activity Reports

Indoor Athletics

On Wednesday 4th March, 11 boys and 11 girls from years 5 & 6 took part in an indoor athletics competition at Wodson Park with 9 other schools. The first event was an obstacle relay race. The girls came first and the boys came third.

There was an amazing race where Harry Scott and a boy from another school were so close at the finish line it was hard to see who had won. Unfortunately, Harry came second but we were still really pleased.

Another event that we really liked was the over and under relay. This time the girls came third and the boys came first.

We really enjoyed all the events in the competition and did really well. Overall, the boys came second and got a silver medal and the girls came fourth but tried their hardest.

Report by Lily Jones and Yasmin Kadhim

Well done to all who competed.

Development Day at Wodson Park

The children attended a Development day at Wodson Park and experienced activities that they wouldn’t usually have the opportunity to participate in: Ultimate Frisbee, Cheerleading, Archery and Orienteering.

The children spent sessions experiencing these different activities: inside and outside.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the practical activities: particularly enjoying the Frisbee.

Cheerleading as a group(1)

Netball and Football Reports


On Monday 2nd March St Johns played an intense game against Mill Mead. We started strongly and scored the first goal but unfortunately Mill Mead managed to get a shot as well. By the end of the first third the score was 3-2 to Mill Mead. We then managed to get the ball to our end but Mill Mead’s defence was good. By the second third we took a couple of shots and finally managed to score a goal. The final score was 10-5 to Mill Mead.

Report by Isabelle Burgess



On Monday we played agaist Mill Mead. We started strong but they passed the ball round us and took a shot. George Wilson saved it. Then they had another shot and scored. In the second half Ronnie pressured Mill Mead and had a shot and scored. This was later followed by another goal. George Wood made a great tackle and scored. Mill Mead were upset but they didn’t stop trying. Just before full time Ronnie scored again making it 5-2 to St Johns!

Report by Ben Phypers

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