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Netball Match against Hertingfordbury School

On Tuesday 1 November 2022, we played a netball match against Hertingfordbury. In the first quarter Hertingfordbury scored a brilliant goal. Our defences were really good but they snuck through and scored 2 more goals during the quarter. In the second quarter, Hertingfordbury scored another two goals. There was brilliant passing and defending by Sophia Riley and Lexie. In the 3rd quarter, Hertingfordbury scored another two goals. Great skills by Bella Brookes and lovely passing by Violet Caudle. In the final quarter, Hertingfordbury scored two goals. Then after the final goal, the match ended. The score was 0-9 to Hertingfordbury. All our team and their team were incredible. The player of the match is Lexie Stevens and a special mention to Sophia Riley.


By Lexie and Violet Caudle

Football Match against Hertingfordbury School

On Tuesday 1st November, St John’s had a football match against Hertingfordbury Primary School. Hertingfordbury had kick off but it didn’t take long for St John’s to regain possession. It was a throw in for St Johns and our CB Shay was taking it. It was a brilliant throw to Kalu who dribbled through the defenders and hit in the back of the net with a lovely left footed finish, to put St John’s in front. The score was 1-0. They started a counter-attack but Shay came in with a brilliant tackle to pass to Nate, then Nate pinged it to Kalu who dribbled past one defender and crossed it to Eden who then scored but not with his foot but with his chest. The score was now 2-0 to St Johns. Then Hertingfordbury had a chance on goal but our goalkeeper Dylan made a brilliant save with his right foot. Ronnie tried to score but their keeper denied him.

2nd Half

It was time to switch the goalkeeper and Nate stepped up and put on the gloves. St Johns had kick off and controlled possession but we switched off for a few minutes and Hertingfordbury scored. It was a very powerful shot and Nate couldn’t do anything about it. We switched off again and Hertingfordbury scored. Daniel had many chances but Eden their keeper denied every last shot. The end score was 2-2. Everybody played really well. Man of the match was Kalu for his brilliant dribbling and assists. He played well on and off the ball.


By Shay, Kalu and Nate

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