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District Netball Tournament at Wodson Park

On Monday 26th March, St John's went to a netball tournament at Wodson Park where we played many schools such as Abel Smith, Hertingfordbury, Millmead, St Josephs and Hertford Heath. First of all, we played a match against Abel Smith which we won 12-0 - Excellent teamwork! Next we played Hertingfordbury. It weas a tough match and all our players played really well but we lost.  After that, we played Hertford Heath. We scored many times but couldn'y keep up with them. Next up, St Josephs. It was yet again a tough match. Our final match was against Millmead where we played well but we just couldn't get it in the net. At the end of the tournament, we placed fifth out of six schools. Our whole team played very well. Our player of the match was Oakley for excellent shooting.

By Lexie and Shay

Football Match against Hertingfordbury School

On Monday 28th February, we played a football match against Hertingfordbury Cowper Primary. We started strong, with an early goal from Teddy. Hertingfordbury wouldn’t let that stop them and scored as well: half time 1-1. They started the second half strong but Oakley and Shay were solid at the back and they couldn’t get through. Then, Oakley passed the ball to Eden and he shot and hit the post. Ethan hit an amazing tap in and that brought the score to 2-1 St John’s. The final whistle blew and we had won. We are through to the next round of the shield. The man of the match was Eden for his brilliant passing and dribbling.

Report by Dylan and Oakley

Sports Hall Athletics

On Monday, a team of Year 5 and 6 children took part in the Sportshall Athletics at Wodson Park. We took part in many activities such as relays, medicine ball throws, long jump, obstacle races and the over and under race. At the end of the tournament the results were announced. Our girls team came in fourth place, doing very well. The boys were the winners of their competition, which we were all happy about.

Well done to everyone who took part in the event.

Report by Alexander, Clayton, Lexie and Nate

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