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School Prayer

O God our father,

Please be here in school with us today,

Even if we cannot see you.

Help us to remember that we are with you always,

Taking care of us and helping us to do what is right.


Collective Worship

Monday - Whole School Assembly

Tuesday - KS1 and KS2 Assemblies

Wednesday - Vicar Assembly

Thursday - Whole School Assembly

Friday - Golden Assembly

Y5 Values assembly 10.17(1)
Y5 Values assembly (2) 10.17(1)

Year 5 and 6 Values Assembly


Whilst being at PGL we showed compassion by encouraging everyone (mostly Mrs Volschenk) to go higher on Jacobs Ladder.

We also showed compassion by supporting people every day even though it may have been hard, especially when they were either homesick or hurt and we were trying to make them feel okay.

It made us realise that it doesn’t cost anything to cheer someone up or make them feel better.



We showed courage when we left our house and went away from home.

We built up our confidence when we tried most of the activities.

I showed bravery when I tried the activities as I was scared of heights.

Mrs Volschenk showed courage when she was on the giant swing and the Jacobs ladder.

values assembly 8 10.17
values assembly 5 10.17


Whilst at PGL we showed friendship.

When some of our group members were scared or upset we were good friends and cheered them on.

We became better friends with people who we never thought we would be friends with.

We realised that everyone has different fears and that not everyone has a lot of courage.  This made us more thoughtful for each other.  At this point we were cheering each other on a lot more.

We became great friends with each other and that meant we were sharing secrets and eating sweets.  If some of us felt homesick we shared sweets to try and cheer them up.



Back at school we were all generous with our time by helping the younger children learn and improve with their work.

We were also generous by doing jobs to look after the school.

We all very much enjoyed making a Moroccan meal, called a Tagine, and flat bread.  We even made a movie on how to make it.

We were generous by giving some Tagine to teachers to try.

We also really enjoyed our bug hunt and we did all kinds of activities based around it.  We even saw snail eggs and many other interesting creatures.

Some of us were generous to give up our lunch time to feed and give water to the hens.

The week was a week we will never forget.

values assembly 4 10.17
values assembly 2 10.19


At PGL we showed Justice by making sure the same person did not go first at everything.

We made sure that everyone had the same amount of goes at every activity.

Justice was really important at PGL and we showed it well.



During our experience at PGL we persevered in many activities such as giant swing, trapeze, zip wire, problem solving and vertical challenge.

The activity we probably found most difficult was the vertical challenge because it was really hard to pull yourself up to the next obstacle.

At PGL we persevered in all the activities we faced.

We all enjoyed the activities and spending time with our friends.

values assembly 6 10.17
values assembly 3 10.17


Meanwhile back at school, we served our school community.

We helped around the school by doing jobs such as Scrapey, Choppy, Salady, Corridor, Benches, Registers, Bands, Table and chairs, Carers and many more.

We helped children in other classes around the school.

We made vegetable Tagine and flat breads and shared it with the rest of the class.

We also made movies about it on windows movie maker.

The school would have been chaos without us!



In the beginning at PGL we found it hard to be truthful, especially when we were scared but later in the week we realised it was important to recognise our fears in order to overcome them.

We were definitely not truthful at night!  Did the teachers really think we were going to stop talking and go to sleep just because the lights were off?  That really wasn’t the case!

Even though we weren’t truthful all the time it didn’t stop us from having fun at PGL.

values assembly 1 10.19
values assembly 7 10.17


Firstly we would like to thank a number of people - our parents for allowing us to go and trusting us to be sensible.

We would like to thank the staff at PGL, such as the leaders that helped us through nervous and scary times and the instructors for showing us how to do the activities safely.

The cooks made us delicious and nutritious meals throughout the day which kept our energy up.

We are thankful for the teachers who accompanied us and helped us through the whole trip, especially Miss Hunt for organising it.

Lastly we are thankful for Peter Gordon who invented PGL for everyone to have fun at.

values assembly 13 10.17
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