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Year 1


Children in Year 1 have had great fun programming the beebots

computing 2
computing 1


Children made their own versions of stained-glass windows using tissue paper. They all admired each other’s artwork!



In ART, we looked at some different examples of how to create art out of collage. Then, children created some artistic collages of their own. They have thought very carefully about arranging their triangles.


In RE, we read the parable of The Lost Son and discussed how the story showed the idea of God being loving and forgiving.

The children made special hidden meaning boxes. Outside, they showed the story of The Lost Son and inside, they wrote the meaning of the story.

RE 3RE 4RE 5


In PSHE, we talked about feelings. We discussed how we can recognise how others might be feeling by reading their body language or facial expressions.  The children were really good at playing feelings charades. The first child mimed a feeling, the second child identified it and the third child suggested a reason for this feeling.



The children have being learning about algorithms. They really enjoyed hunting for treasure during their computing session. During the task, one child took on the role of the robot-pirate. The other child (the programmer), read out their instructions to the robot-pirate who had to follow these exactly.

computingcomputing 2
maths 1


The children are getting really good at identifying their left and right hand with this hack. If they hold up their left hand, their thumb and index finger will make the shape of an ‘L’.

Role play

Children have enjoyed reading Farmer Duck as part of their English unit. They re-enacted the story and had lots of fun! They got themselves into role of the key characters, using good facial expressions.

Role play
busy fingers 1Busy fingers 2Busy fingers 3Busy fingers 4

Busy Fingers

The children have settled in very well. They have been participating in a variety of different activities to strengthen their fine motor skills.

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