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Year 1


Science – Magnetic Games!

This week the children investigated magnets! The class were given a magnet each and were challenged to go on a magnetic material hunt. Year 1 found lots of objects that were magnetic, such as the chair and table legs, nails from the wooden furniture and door handles.  The children then used their magnets, paper clips and string to create their own games! We had fishing games with lots of different creatures and some tricky magnetic mazes!


Harvest Festival

The children really enjoyed their first trip to St John the Baptist Church for our Harvest Festival service. Year 1 created beautiful themed artwork to share and were very respectful throughout their visit. We sang our Harvest Samba song and listened to other classes share their work.


The Great Fire of London – Rebuilding the City!

The children have been so enthusiastic about our Topic so far, and have completed some fabulous writing and artwork linked to The Great Fire of London. In this week’s session, children were challenged to take on the role of architects from 1666. They were working for King Charles II to rebuild a safer London. In groups, Year 1 designed a safer street and explained why they had made each change. We had lots of very well explained adjustments such as houses that were further apart, and using brick as our building material instead of wood. We definitely have a few budding builders in our midst!


Science – Does it float?

This week Year 1 have continued to investigate everyday materials. The children worked in groups to predict which objects would float and which would sink. They then tested each object and recorded their observations in to a table, making sure to record the material not the object (e.g. marble listed as glass, lego brick listed as plastic).


Number Conservation

This week the children have been learning about number conservation. We used different objects and resources to represent numbers to 10. The children discussed the different representations and spotted that although the resources looked different, the value had remained the same.


The Great Fire of London

The children have been creating wonderful artwork using chalk this week. We looked at various different paintings of the fire, and discussed how we know that the fire happened. The children remembered Samuel Pepys and were interested to learn that most of the information we know today came from his diary! We will be adding houses using black sugar paper to our art once our fires are finished.


Everyday Materials

This week Year 1 have continued to investigate materials. We have been able to identify different materials around us, and can differentiate between and object and the material it is made of. This week the children began to group and classify different materials according to their properties.

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