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Year 1

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Design and Technology

In Year One this week for DT we have been making houses for the three little pigs. We have been constructing frames and working together to design and make our houses. We have also enjoyed listening to ‘True story of the Three little pigs’ as we learn about different versions. In this one, the poor wolf explains how he was misunderstood all along and was just trying to borrow sugar from his neighbours so that he can make his poor old granny a cake.

Addition with Tens Frames

In Maths, we have been learning how to do addition sums using tens frames and counters.  Can you work out the answers to the addition sums the children are working on?

Yr 1  11.02.19 - Picture 2Yr 1 11.02.19 - Picture 1
Yr 1 snow 2


We snow it’s over, but we really enjoyed it !

From throwing snowballs to making snow men, the children loved playing on the school field at breaktime this week in the snow.

This week in Year 1

This week in Year One we have been very busy.  In maths we have been learning the order of the days and thinking about yesterday and tomorrow.  We have also learnt about the months of the year.

In English we have read more fairy tales and started writing our own fairy tale.

We have enjoyed singing this week and can even sing a few songs in French!

Yr 1 - Science


The children have been learning about the different senses and discovering how some mystery objects feel.  After feeling the objects, the children described them in their work before the BIG REVEAL.

Fairy Tales

This week we have been enjoying learning more about fairy tales.  Our focus has been Cinderella and Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs.  We know that often these stories are told orally.  Please ask your child to recount one of these stories to you!

Year 1 - PE 2Year 1 - PE


Happy New Year Everyone !

The very last of the lovely mince pies have finally gone and with the start of 2019, many of us may be considering getting healthier and fitter !  I’m sure your children in Year 1 will inspire you at home with their new dance routines they are learning in P.E. this term, starting with March, March, March !

Christmas Preparations

We are gearing up for Christmas !

From wearing our snazzy jumpers for Christmas jumper day to making Christmas tree decorations.  We are definitely getting in the festive spirit !

Yr 1 christmas jumpersYr 1 making xmas bisc
yr 1 fruit tasting 1Yr 1 fruit tasting 2

Design and Technology

This week in Year 1, in our Design and Technology session we have been tasting fruit with different accompaniments.

We enjoyed trying fruit such as kiwi, strawberries and pineapple and when the accompaniments such as jam, yoghurt, etc. came out, the children were very excited ! 

After all the lovely tasting, they wrote down their scores of their favourite accompaniment and designed their own fruit kebabs – ready to make in our next session.

Value - Trust

In Year 1, this week we have begun to learn about our new value for this term - ‘Trust’. 

We played the ‘Trust’ game where we tried to guide a blindfolded class member around the classroom attempting to avoid them bumping into other children and the class furniture !

This was more difficult than we thought but it was lots of fun and we learnt about what trust means and different types of trust.

Yr 1 week beg 5.11.18
Yr 1 8.10.18

Growing Bean Plants

This week in Year 1, we have been continuing to learn about how to grow bean plants.  We decided we needed to do a science experiment to find out what our plants need to grow. 

Can you guess which plants have been kept in the light and which have been kept in the dark?

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