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Year 1

A Mass – ive Challenge in Maths !

In maths this week, the children have been learning about mass by weighing a range of objects and measuring how heavy or light their objects were using cubes and then comparing the mass of their objects.  Can you guess how many cubes it would take to make the scales balance with the book in one end ?

Week Beginning 06.07.20 - Picture 2
Week Beginning 06.07.20 - Picture 1
Week Beginning 29.06.20 - Picture 1Week Beginning 29.06.20 - Picture 2

We have chicks !

It has been lovely to have chicks in our class and to look closely and hold them this week.  The children have named all the chicks and all of their names can be seen on the Year 1 page on dB primary.  The children have been given a home learning task of drawing and writing a story about them.  I wonder what adventures the children could write about the chicks ?...

Week Beginning 29.06.20 - Picture 3

Allo, Allo, it’s time for Le Pétit Dejeuner !

For our French Breakfast Café week, the children enjoyed participating in a range of activities such as pretending they were in a French café and choosing and buying their breakfast from the café owner.  They said their orders in French and enjoyed eating their French breakfasts. 

Week Beginning 22.06.20 - Picture 2
Week Beginning 22.06.20 - Picture 1
Week Beginning 15.06.20 - Picture 1

Sports Week - Rainbow Games

It’s Sports week this week at St John’s and we have participated in the Rainbow Games.  An exciting and fun set of seven challenges to complete at school or at home over seven days.

The children took part in the Star and the Pot of Gold challenges and they really enjoyed themselves and worked hard at them.  Please give them a try.

Week Beginning 15.06.20 - Picture 2

Strike a pose…

This week we have managed to avoid the rain and continue with some fantastic, creative outdoor learning.

The children have been learning to use eight counts in a dance sequence to a tune called ‘happy’.   They created and performed their dance which involved travelling, an action and then finishing with a pose.  They watched each other’s performances and we discussed what we liked and how we could improve it.  What do you think of their dance ?

Week Beginning 01.06.20 - Picture 1Week Beginning 01.06.20 - Picture 2

Such a re – leaf to be back !

It has been lovely to have the children back at school this week and to see them settle in so well. 

We have been doing lots of outdoor learning including collecting lots of leaves to make some wonderful artwork in our art sessions.  The children have been making different leaf animals such as sea turtles, butterflies and rabbits.

Week Beginning 01.06.20 - Picture 3

A problem shared…

In our maths sessions this week, we have been working together to solve word problems.  The children have used a variety of resources including bead strings and multi-link cubes to answer the addition and subtraction questions and showed these using part-whole models.  Can you work out this problem ?

Tim has five apples and Ben gave him six more, how many apples does Tim have altogether ?  Can you show this in a part-whole model ?

Week Beginning 16.03.20 - Picture 3
Week Beginning 16.03.20 - Picture 1Week Beginning 16.03.20 - Picture 2(1)
Picture 2(1)

Keeping fit is fun!

We have had a very busy day in year 1 celebrating ‘Sports Relief 2020’. We took part in a three minute dance active blast, a yoga session and completed our golden mile. What a brilliant day we had!

Picture 1(1)

How long ?....How tall ?

So far this week in Maths we have been learning about length and height.  The children used multi-link cubes to measure various objects around the classroom.  They took this further by comparing it to a second object and used vocabulary such as taller, longer, shorter.

Look at the pictures:

What is the length of the book ?

What is the height of the milk bottle ?

Week Beginning 02.03.20 - Picture 1Week Beginning 02.03.20 - Picture 2
Week Beginning 10.02.20 - Picture 1Week Beginning 10.02.20 - Picture 2

A blank 3x3 grid, a dice and a pencil - bingo !

We played a game of bingo to help us learn about doubling and halving in Maths.  The children worked in pairs rolling a dice, doubling the number and writing that number on their own bingo grid. 

When the bingo grids were completed, they took turns to the roll the dice, double their numbers and cross them out on their bingo grid.  It was lots of fun!   You can, try to recreate the game at home and play it over the half term holiday.

Week Beginning 10.02.20 - Picture 3

Performance Poems

We have been working very hard in year one on our ‘Performance Poetry’ skills. We have been performing poems and thinking about the rhyming words in each one. We have been making up sounds and actions to make our performances more interesting. Make sure you ask us our favourites!   

Picture 2
Picture 1Picture 3
Week Beginning 27.01.20 - Picture 1Week Beginning 27.01.20 - Picture 2

Tens and Ones !

For maths this week, we have been using base-10 equipment to make numbers between 11 and 20 and talking about them using the words ‘tens and ones’.  Can you tell which numbers we made ?

Week Beginning 27.01.20 - Picture 3


This week in year one we have been looking at poems. Our favourite poem was about ‘mud’! In groups, we read this poem and made up different actions for the words. Each group then performed the poem to the class. 

Week Beginning 20.01.20 - Picture 2
Week Beginning 20.01.20 - Picture 1
Week Beginning 13.01.20 - Picture 1Week Beginning 13.01.20 - Picture 2

Our science topic is plants !

In science this week, the children have been learning about the different parts of a plant.  Can you tell what parts of the plant they labelled ?

Week Beginning 13.01.20 - Picture 3

Claude Monet

In our topic lessons, we have been looking at the artist Claude Monet. We looked at his painting ‘Apple Trees in Blossom’ and painted our own trees in his style. We used cotton buds to create the same textured effect.  

Week Beginning 04.11.19 - Picture 1Week Beginning 04.11.19 - Picture 3
Week Beginning 09.12.19 - Picture 1Week Beginning 09.12.19 - Picture 2

Which materials are waterproof ?

In science this week, the children carried out an experiment to see which materials are waterproof.  We discussed how to make sure that we conducted a fair test and they then poured water on a selection of materials that included a piece of plastic, fabric, foil and a mystery material.  Ask your child what they found out ! 


Week Beginning 09.12.19 - Picture 3

Our Christmas Play

The children put on a fantastic performance for the play this week.  They remembered all their lines and sang beautifully.  We hope you were able to see it and you enjoyed it as much as we did – bravo Year 1 !

Week Beginning 02.12.19 - Picture 1

Fire Engine…. Beep, Beep!

We were so lucky this week, a real fire engine came to our school. The fire fighters showered us all the different equipment they use to fight fires! We got to look inside the engine and we saw a big cutter that firefighters have to use if someone is stuck inside a car!



Have you hurdle this?

We hope your children have been telling you about the exciting visit we had from international hurdler Gianni Frankis.  We had an energetic morning taking part in lots of various exercises and hearing about Gianni’s athletic career. It was lots of fun and very inspiring!

Week Beginning 11.11.19 - Picture 1(1)
Week Beginning 11.11.19 - Picture 2

Making Fireworks !

In computing this term, we will be making short animations and as it was Guy Fawkes night this week, the children made firework animations – it was a blast !

Click on the links adjacent to see our animations. Press the back button (top left hand corner of screen) to return to this webpage.

Happy Diwali…

In RE this week, we have been learning about Diwali. We read the story of Rama and Sita and learnt that Diwali is known as the ‘Festival of Lights’. We also learnt that Diwali is a time for celebrating good over evil and happiness.


Week 8 Photo 1
Week Beginning 14.10.19 - Picture 1

I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down !....if I can

In science this week, the children have been listening to the story of the Three Little Pigs and discussing which material was best to build a house.  In groups, the children worked together to make houses using either art straws, clay, lolly sticks, plasticine, foil and cardboard.  What do you think was the strongest material ?...Come and find out at our class assembly on Thursday !


In English this week, the children have been learning about different traditional tales and fairy tales.  They have been exploring different versions of ‘Snow White’ and ‘Little Red Riding Hood’.  The children had to retell the and sequence events that happen in the stories. They have also been sharing their favourite stories with the class.

Pic 2
Week Beginning 30.09.19 - Picture 1

Ball Skills in PE

In P.E. this week, the children have been learning about different ball skills such as batting the ball to one another using their hands, throwing the ball to one another and dribbling the ball with their feet.  They have practised these skills by playing various games which they have really enjoyed.


We have been working extra hard in our Math lessons. This week we have been counting using different objects. We used the beads and strings to represent a given number. We then had to find one more and one less of that number. We even started using different mathematical vocabulary like counting back, before and less than.

Week Beginning 16.09.19 - Picture 2Week Beginning 16.09.19 - Picture 1

Sorting Materials

In Year 1, we have looked at lots of objects made out of different materials and began sorting them into different groups; glass, wood, plastic and metal.  The children were fantastic at sorting the objects by their materials but they were then set a challenge….

In which groups should you place:

  • A glass jar with a metal lid
  • A frying pan made of metal and plastic

What do you think ?


The children met Hocus and Lotus, the dinocrocs who will be introducing them to French with Madame Farrington, through stories, songs and a DVD. They learnt how to say hello and to count to 10 in French.

WB 9.9.19 Photo 1WB 9.9.19 Photo 2
Week Beginning 02.09.19 Photo 1Week Beginning 02.09.19 Photo 2

Our Exciting Start in Year 1 !

We have had a wonderful start in our new class.  We have spent time getting to know each other by enjoying circle games together, taking a tour around the school and participating in various activities such as drawing self-portraits.  What a fun start to the term and there’s more to come…

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