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Year 4


In maths we have been learning all about units of measure and how to convert them. The children particularly enjoyed exploring mass, capacity and length in a practical lesson and estimating, then measuring, different objects from around the classroom and school. 

South America

We have started our South America topic and the children have already come in with some extra interesting facts to share from their research at home. We have explored the countries that make up the continent and the children now know the difference between physical and human features, as they proved with a sorting activity of various locations from around South America. 

Descriptive Writing

In Year 4, we have been really busy developing our descriptive writing. The children have learnt to use techniques such as the Rule of 3 and 'show don't tell' to develop their writing skills. The children really enjoyed using the 'Taking Flight' clip from Literacy Shed as a stimulus for their writing. We are now 'reading as writers' and 'writing as readers' to further develop our skills in writing story settings. They have also really enjoyed reading an extract from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe in our reading sessions. We think we need to read the whole book as a class reader now! 

We are Software Developers

In computing, we have been using a web-based program called Scratch. We have had lots of fun developing our coding skills. We have designed and evaluated our own computer games. It has taken a lot of perseverance and problem solving.


Subtraction with regrouping

In maths, we have been developing our mental maths skills and mental fluency. We have then used these skills when learning about formal written addition and subtraction. We set ourselves a challenge of using digit cards (1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 4, 4) to see how many subtraction calculations we could create (4-digit minus 4-digit), where only the thousands regroup. It made our brains hurt but we stuck with it and we go there!


Narrative writing

In English, we have been developing our writing skills, particularly focusing upon sentence structure, prepositional phrases and dialogue. We have been drawing inspiration from the text ‘Leon and The Place Between’ by Grahame Baker-Smith. As part of the unit, we created freeze frames of our favourite pages and explained our choices to the class. We have published some amazing writing about travelling through the box to the place between.


Changes of State

In science, we have been learning about changes of state. We can identify solids, liquids and gases. We can also explain the process of changing from one state to another. As part of this unit, we have been exploring the Water Cycle, including learning a song. For our homework, we continued to develop our understanding by explaining the processes of evaporation, condensation and perspiration to an adult. Some of us make diagrams or even a model.

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