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Year 4

Egypt Day

Egypt Day was a great success. Here are some photos of the day. Thank you to all the helpers on the day.


Change of Matter

Year 4 observed that some materials change state when they are heated or cooled.

We set up simple practical enquiries and fair tests.

What happens to the water when the towel is hung on the washing line to dry? 

Have a look at our photos.



Design Technology

The children have been discovering more about electrical circuits and how they are used to support what we do in and around school.

They have planned a light, buzzer or sign for the Rainforest office.  Children working in pairs have been building their models ensuring that they had a working circuit before they developed the container.

Children have been learning more about food chains and food webs.

They have been using terminology: producers, consumers, primary and secondary consumers, predators and prey.

Children have investigated how food chains are formed.

Design Technology (3)
Design TechnologyDesignTechnology 3(1)
Electrical circuits


Children have been investigating how to make circuits. They have then drawn their circuits and used the correct scientific symbols to depict the different elements of the circuit.



The different climates of South America have been investigated.  They have drawn their own maps showing the different range of climates found across the continent……………………………………………

South American climate(1)

Development Day at Wodson Park

The children attended a Development day at Wodson Park and experienced activities that they wouldn’t usually have the opportunity to participate in: Ultimate Frisbee, Cheerleading, Archery and Orienteering.

The children spent sessions experiencing these different activities: inside and outside.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the practical activities: particularly enjoying the Frisbee.


Science: the children are understanding about electricity: where does it come from?  How is it made?  How do we use electricity within our daily lives?

Children will be investigating circuits: how they are made and how they can be affected.  The importance of insulators and conductors will be introduced.


Investigating insulators and conductors

The Iron Man

The Iron Man is the introductory text for the new school year.   Learning about the Iron Man what he does, what he gets up to and how he ‘saves’ the world.  Allows the children to use their imagination, to build up their use of vocabulary and introduces them to newspapers and reports.

South America

South America and Rainforests: the children will learn about its location of South America in the world, the range of climates that it has.  They will learn about physical and human geography of the continent and how many things that we eat or use that will have been grown within this vast land.

Children will also be learning about Rainforests: where they are situated around the world, the layers, how they provide things that we eat and use and considering deforestation and how this affects the forests and those animals and people that live in them.

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