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Year 4

Yr 4 Creation picture 2


The first half of the Autumn Term is all about ‘Creation’.  The children have listened to and read about Creation in the Book of Genesis. 

During our work on Creation the children have listened to the work of other poets who have through their poems ‘created’ pictures of Creation.

The children have worked collaboratively to create their own Creation pictures.


The children are working as Software Developers and are developing their own maths games.  They have looked at and played examples of maths games.  They are learning to programme using Scratch as their development tool.  The development of their games is asking them to consider how you would play a game, and get the computer to respond appropriately to their instructions and answers.

Yr 4 Computing


Children are recognising and understanding that everything is a ‘State of Matter’.  Water can be a solid, a liquid and a solid depending on the temperature and how it might be heated or cooled.  They have learnt that the Water Cycle involves water in different States of Matter.  They have learnt that some warmth will help water to evaporate and rise such as when washing is being dried.  When steam falls against a cool surface it will become droplets again.

The children made cornflake cakes so that they could understand how heat and cooling will affect different ingredients: helping to prepare the cakes and then cool used to reset the ingredients.  They enjoyed eating their cakes!


The Iron Man by Ted Hughes has been the inspiration for some of their written work.  They have written about the different characters, written speech for the characters, written some diary entries and are beginning to consider how newspaper reports are written.


Knowing their multiplication facts is a focus: and understanding how this is used in many different areas of maths.  They know that the inverse of multiplication is division and can use this information to solve questions about different times tables.  Subtraction with ‘borrowing’ has been a recent focus and they have used their knowledge to understand and solve word problems.

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