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Year 4


We've enjoyed creating our Christmas Cards.


Hertford Museum Prehistoric Life Loan Box

Year 4 had great time exploring the artefacts from the Hertford museum this week. They found out what each one was, the time period that it came from and what it would have been used for. Then they drew some pictures of their favourite artefacts and labelled them.



Year 4 had a great time skipping on Tuesday. They are all now very excited to practice and to beat their score.


Stone Age Day

Year 3 and 4 went back in time to the Stone Age this week. In the morning, they tried all sorts of things such as making Stone Age fruit stew, building dwellings in the wood, hunting wild animals (cardboard of course!) and making Stone Age style jewellery. Then in the afternoon, they all sat round the fire and listened to a very old story about a magic tree and tried their fruity stew


Stone Age – Iron Age houses

We have been looking at the different houses from these time periods. We made some out of different materials and labelled them to show the types of materials that would have been used at this time to build the houses.


Skara Brae

We have been finding out about Skara Brae, a Stone Age village in Orkney. This village has been so well preserved you can still visit it and see how the Stone Age people lived. We made leaflets to tell people more about this amazing place.



For Harvest we thought about all the things that remind us of this time of year, these included animals gathering their food for the winter, pumpkins and autumn leaves. We then used these ideas to make some stained glass windows for our classroom.



In maths we have been working on our multiplication and division. We used the cubes to make different groups with different amounts in them to see how we multiply numbers. Then we shared an amount into groups to divide numbers.




Sports Day

We had a great time with the coaches from HWSSP learning archery, some of us would have been hunters in our Stone Age tribes. They also taught us boccia, a Paralympic sport, we all enjoyed improving our score each time and practicing our technique to increase this score.


History and Art

Our topic in year 4 this term is the Stone Age to Iron Age. We have been looking at the cave paintings which were found from this time in history and were inspired to create our own. During this time the people would have used charcoal, ground plants and animal gums to get the colours, but we used some oil pastels, charcoal and paint to create our own brilliant cave paintings.


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