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Year 5

Tennis Lessons

Year 5 have been taking part in Tennis lessons as part of their P.E. unit. They are learning the basic skills and fundamentals, to help them progress in the curriculum.

Solving Cubed Number Problems

In Maths this week, the children have been working hard to solve cubed number problems. Using the multi-link cubes the children were able to get to grips with this concept.

March 12 Children solving cubed number problems

Play Leader Training

Year 5 were joined by Lisa Robinson, lead for the Hertford and Ware primary Schools Sports Partnership. Lisa taught the children the skills they needed to create games for the other children in school to play at break times. The children practised their leadership skills on each other.

PlayleaderPlayleader Training 2Playleader 3

Design and Technology: Woolton Pie

Having taste tested a range of seasonal vegetables and decided on their own resipe, Year 5 have created their own versions of Woolton Pie.Children learnt to chop, slice and dice the vegetables. They also learnt how to roll out pastry to the correct dimension and use crimping methods to seal in the filling.

Making Woolton Pie1Finished Woolton Pie 3Making Woolton Pie 4Finished Woolton Pie 5Woolton Pie Finished Pies

A visit from Father Christmas

We all enjoyed a visit from Father Christmas. he brought as a selection of books for our Reading Corner. We have set up a system to log who has the books so we can all enjoy reading them.


Design and Technology

In Year 5 we have been taste testing various roasted, seasonal vegetables. This is in preparation for making Woolton Pie in Design and Technology.