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Year 5

Yr 5 boat making


Pupils in Year 5 designing a model boat for their Science investigation about the impact of air and water resistance on different hull shapes.


Year 5 have been learning about forces, next week we will be testing the effects of air and water resistance as we create boats with different shaped hulls.   We will be investigating which shape of boat is best to beat water resistance.  We will also be testing air resistance by creating masts for our boats.  Working in pairs we will be creating our own boat using foam (sponge) or foil, cut to three main shapes.  The boats will be tested in water and the class will be recording our results.  We will be posting our conclusions after our investigations.

The Great War - World War One

In Year 5 our topic for this term is ‘The Great War – World War One’.  We have been looking at the causes of military, Alliances, Imperialism and Nationalism.  Some pupils have even researched their family trees, to find relatives who served during the War.  Harmony, Joshua and Cora were all able to retrieve artefacts from their ancestors.   Joshua even had a Telegram from King George V!


In Science our topic is ‘Forces’ and we have conducted experiments using Newton Meters to find out which shoes have grip creating the most friction.  Pupils created the most amazing Fact files about Issac Newton, showing a great depth in their research skills.


In Maths our focus has been on multiplication and division.  We have been using these skills to solve word problems. We have also been identifying multiples and finding factors of given numbers, we also identified Prime Numbers up to 100.

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