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Year 5


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In English children have been working collaboratively to up level their written work. The children have been writing in character and have imagined that they are soldiers in the Western Front.




We are thoroughly enjoying basketball lessons every Friday with our coach from Russell Hoops. We have been playing many games and are developing our shooting and dribbling skills.

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In art, we have learnt about the significance of the poppy during the Great War. We have sketched poppies and used watercolours.  We also learnt what propaganda means and how propaganda was used during the Great War. The children designed and created their own propaganda posters.



Year 5 have had a great start to the autumn term. In English the children have been learning all about animal migration. The children took part in a debate sharing their views as  to the animal they believe completes the toughest migration- it was a close call between wild salmon and the wildebeest!


In science we are learning about forces. We are learning about friction and completed an investigation into the grippiest and least grippiest shoes. We used a Newton meter to measure the force it took to pull our shoes over a surface.

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