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Year 5

Art work

Art and English

Art - We were inspired to create our own portraits in the style of Pablo Picasso.  Can you guess who some of the pictures are?

English - We have linked our English to our Topic of World War 1.  We have been writing diary entries as if we were soldiers in the trenches.  We have also been learning about the importance of animals during World War 1.  The class are really enjoying the topic.

By Amelie and Olivia Mae


In maths we have been developing our understanding of place value.  We have been playing lots of fun games to help us.

Maths 2
Playground fun 2

Playground Fun

On the playground there are lots of new markings for games.  We have had fun using the number grid to play games.

By Frankie

Playground fun


In computing we have been learning about Semaphore – a way of sending messages and communicating by using flags.  We found it hard but all had a go at guessing each other’s secret message.

Computing 2
Play leader training

Play Leader Training

Every Thursday Rita from the Herts and Ware School Partnership will be coming in to train us up to be Play Leaders.  We played some fun games including freeze tag and train tag.  We learnt what makes game dangerous and how we can change them to make them fun but safe.


On Fridays we play basketball with coach James.  Last Friday we played lots of exciting games.  Here are some - cat and mouse, T-rex and raptors.  We are really enjoying the sessions.

By Indi-Rose and Remi

Basketball 2
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