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Year 5

Greek Masks

The children were tasked with designing and making a paper mache mask of a character from their Greek myth. The children not only enjoyed making a mess they also enjoyed making the masks! 

Greek God presentation 2(1)IMG_0029

Research homework on Greek Gods and Goddesses

Year 5 never fail to impress me with their research homework and presentations.  Each child researched interesting facts about an Ancient Greek God or Goddess and presented their information to the rest of the class.  They all did so well - we really enjoyed learning from each other!

Greek Myths
In English, we planned and wrote our own Greek myth.  Please read some of our examples.

Greek Masks
The children were tasked with designing and making a paper mache mask of a character from their Greek myth. The children not only enjoyed making a mess they also enjoyed making the masks! 


Christmas Hats

In class we enjoyed making Christmas hats for our Christmas dinner. We could only use newspaper - we definitely had some creative designs!

Making Christmas paper hats
Christmas paper hats
Woolton Pie 1

Woolton Pie

 We really enjoyed making and eating Woolton Pie – a traditional World War Two dish.

Some children even asked for more!

Woolton Pie  2

Experience Christmas

Today we went to church to take part in Experience Christmas. We took part in five different activities and learnt about the Christmas story in depth. We had a great time and want to thank the people who set up the activities.

 By James and Albert

Play leader training 1

Play Leader Training

Play leader training 2


We continue to really enjoy our P.E. sessions with Jack from Russel Hoops. We are all working hard to develop our skills.

Basketball 2
Basketball 1

Henry Moore

We have been learning about Henry Moore and his Underground Art Work during the Second World War. We were inspired to re-create our own artwork in the style of Henry Moore.



We have been learning about factors, multiples and prime numbers. We have drawn many factor bugs to help us investigate numbers. We continue to play games to help us improve our times table knowledge.

The children all looked great in their costumes for Comic Relief and remained focused when completing our Big Maths challenges – even if they were sitting next to Harry Potter!


WWII Topic work

The class have been learning about the D-Day landings and worked collaboratively to create information posters to help other children learn about the historical significance of the D-Day landings. The children should be proud of their finished posters.

We had a fascinating day learning about members of our families who were involved in World War Two. The children presented really well and were all very keen to share their family’s history.



As part of our English topic Friend or Foe we have been learning how to debate. The children really enjoyed discussing questions from the book Friend or Foe.  For example -should David and Tucky help the injured pilots who saved David’s life or should we hand them over to the military police?  The classroom was full of thoughtful discussion-which was fantastic!

When reading Friend or Foe the class really enjoyed role-play as it helped them understand the characters thoughts, feelings and actions even more. (Some of the children were very convincing members of the army who interrogated David and Tucky!)

We have been busy writing newspaper articles on David and Tucky’s discovery of two German pilots on Dartmoor. The children enjoyed the challenge of writing their lead paragraph in less than 40 words.


Art Work 1Finished art work example

Art Activities

In class we enjoyed creating art work all about ourselves. Here are some examples.

Art Work 2


In maths we are enjoying playing maths to help us improve our maths skills.

Maths 2(1)
Maths 5Maths 1
Dictionary challenge 2 (1)


We are expanding our vocabulary by taking part in regular dictionary challenges. We can use the words in our written work.

Dictionary challenge 2 (2)

Roald Dahl Day

On Roald Dahl day (13th September) we enjoyed watching Ric Mayall read George’s Marvellous Medicine.

Roald Dahl
Semaphore 3Semaphore Computing


In computing we have been learning about semaphore (a system of sending messages using flags).

We all found it challenging but have persevered.

Semaphore 2

Feel Good Week

We are thoroughly enjoying basketball each Friday. We are all working hard to develop our basketball skills.



We have been learning all about evacuation during the Second World War. We will be writing evacuee letters which we will share with you when they are written.

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