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Year 5

chicks (1)chicks (2)


We have also enjoyed looking after and holding the chicks. We have watched them hatch and grow. They’re first feathers have begun to appear.

chicks (3)

Art - Andy Goldsworthy

We looked at the work of artist Andrew Goldsworthy. We were inspired to create our own work using natural artefacts that we found on the field.

FractionsFractions 2


In Year 5 we have been learning about fractions and learning how to work out equivalent fractions easily.  We have learnt a simple way called fraction families.  An example to use it is say if you have 2/5 and you times each number by 2 you would end up with 4/10 and 4/10 is equivalent to 2/5.  You could do this strategy using any times table of your choice.  You should also be able to divide 4/10 by 2 and end up with 2/5.  We think this strategy is quite simple because instead of using a faction wall you could just simply do this strategy.  We really enjoyed it and hope to do more work on factions. 

By Lily and Yasmin

Propaganda Posters

We have been learning about World War 2 and how propaganda posters were used to persuade everyone to join the war effort.  In Art we have designed and created our own propaganda posters using chalk, oil pastel, colouring pencils and pens.  It was lots of hard work but when we finished we were really proud of the results

By Willow and Imogen

Propaganga scene
Morse CodeSemaphore

Morse code and Semaphore

In computing, we have been learning about Semaphore and Morse code.  Semaphore is a signalling system using flags.  Morse code is a binary system that was used to send important messages over long distance in WW2. 

By Georgia and Grace

Morse code computing

Ancient Greek pottery

In topic we are doing ancient Greece pottery. We have started to make our pottery - we got to choose if we wanted to be by ourselves or with partners. First we striped up pieces of newspaper. Then we all got a balloon and a cup of water. Then we dipped the newspaper in the water and stuck it on the balloon. Now we are waiting for it to dry now.

By Kiri Lobb


Ancient Greece

We have been working hard in the short amount of time that we have been back.  We have been learning about Ancient Greece, and are getting to know the story of Perseus and Medusa very well!  We have designed our own Medusa-like character (as shown in the picture), and are planning to write our own myth with the original story as inspiration.  We enjoyed creating our own hideous mythical monsters!

In maths, we have been exploring numbers up to seven digits, and considering what one million of ‘something’ would look like. How tall would a tower of 1p coins be?

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