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Year 5

Art linked to English

We have been learning about Paul Nash a famous WW1 war artist.  We looked at his art work and imagined we had jumped into the painting and used our senses to describe the scene.  We then wrote descriptions – here are some examples. 

We were also inspired by his artwork to re-create our own – here are some examples.


Design and Technology linked to the Great War

In class we worked collaboratively to peel and chop vegetables for our Maconochie Stew.  We also seared the beef and vegetables before they went into the pot for a few hours.   After making the stew we also made biscuits using rations.   We all really enjoyed eating the biscuits and the majority of us enjoyed eating the stew!



Battle presentations

In class we had to pick a name of a famous battle fought during the Great War, out of a pot.  We had to research the battle, finding out as much information as we could.  We then had to present it to the rest of the class.  Here are some of our presentations.

Skip to be fit

Skip to be fit

Last week we took part in a skip to be fit challenge – we had to see how many skips we could do in two minutes.  We now all have a skipping rope in school and we skip each day for 2 minutes trying to beat our scores!



As part of our Great War topic we developed our understanding of rationing.  We learnt what it is and why rationing was needed during the Great War.  We made scones using the rations we were given.  We really enjoyed following the recipe to make the scones collaboratively in our table groups.  They were delicious – we just wished we could have cream!

Scone making 2
Scone makingScone eating

Home School Challenge

Well done to all the children who completed the home school challenge – we have some excellent recycled boats!


Maconochie Stew Adverts

In English we have been looking at the features of persuasive writing and learning about the features of play scripts.  We worked in groups to collaboratively write an advert for Maconochie Stew – a famous dish of the Great War.  We really enjoyed dressing up and performing our adverts.

Advert play scripts 2Advert rehearsals
Advert play scriptsAdvert play scripts 3
War Memorial Great Amwell

Remembrance Day Activities

On 11th November we walked to the local war memorial, we laid a wreath and read some of our poems.

LAying a wreath(1)

Rememberance Activities

As part of commemorating Remembrance Day we sketched poppies.  Once we had sketched poppies we planned out how we were going to make clay poppies.  We all really enjoyed making and painting the clay poppies.  Enjoy looking at some examples.

Poppy making 2Poppy painting
Poppy makingPoppy painting 3
War poetry 2

Remembrance Activities

We learnt about some famous poets of the Great War including Wilfred Owen, Seigfried Sasson and Rupert Brooke.  We researched their lives and created fact files on the poets.  We read examples of their poetry and were inspired to write our own.  Here are some examples.

War poetry

Our week

In art we created a war based piece of art work using silhouettes.

In RE we have been learning about the qualities of God.  We lernt that God is holy, eternal and loving.  We learnt the new words 'omniscient', which means all-knowing and 'omnipotent', which means all powerful.  We drew interpretattions of God's qualities.

In computing we are continuing to learn ways in which we can communicate.  This week we learnt about Morse Code and made up our own binary codes.

We really enjoyed taking part in archery and boccia sessions with the teachers from Herts and Ware school partnership.  We had such a fun afternoon developing our skills.

We are really enjoying writing stories with a partner based on a hero animal in the Great War.  When we have finished our stories we will put some examples on here for you to read.

Art 9th OctoberArt 2 9th OctoberArt 9th october 3
Art work

Art and English

Art - We were inspired to create our own portraits in the style of Pablo Picasso.  Can you guess who some of the pictures are?

English - We have linked our English to our Topic of World War 1.  We have been writing diary entries as if we were soldiers in the trenches.  We have also been learning about the importance of animals during World War 1.  The class are really enjoying the topic.

By Amelie and Olivia Mae


In maths we have been developing our understanding of place value.  We have been playing lots of fun games to help us.

Maths 2
Playground fun 2

Playground Fun

On the playground there are lots of new markings for games.  We have had fun using the number grid to play games.

By Frankie

Playground fun


In computing we have been learning about Semaphore – a way of sending messages and communicating by using flags.  We found it hard but all had a go at guessing each other’s secret message.

Computing 2
Play leader training

Play Leader Training

Every Thursday Rita from the Herts and Ware School Partnership will be coming in to train us up to be Play Leaders.  We played some fun games including freeze tag and train tag.  We learnt what makes game dangerous and how we can change them to make them fun but safe.


On Fridays we play basketball with coach James.  Last Friday we played lots of exciting games.  Here are some - cat and mouse, T-rex and raptors.  We are really enjoying the sessions.

By Indi-Rose and Remi

Basketball 2
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