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Stone Age Day

Year 3 and 4 went back in time to the Stone Age this week. In the morning, they tried all sorts of things such as making Stone Age fruit stew, building dwellings in the wood, hunting wild animals (cardboard of course!) and making Stone Age style jewellery. Then in the afternoon, they all sat round the fire and listened to a very old story about a magic tree and tried their fruity stew.


We are performers!

In English, we read some of our favourite poems to each other. We talked about the importance of using a clear voice, facing our audience, not covering our face with our book and speaking loudly enough so that the woolly mammoths at the back of the class could hear us. Some of us even did actions to go with our poems, such as making wave shapes with our arms.


Our Busy Week

In maths, we enjoyed exploring commutative law through Sudoku style puzzles . Here we are holding up some of our work!


We have been building some fantastic Stone Age dwellings, here they are on display in our classroom.


We have been on the lookout for the signs of autumn too, look at what we found!


Christianity and sin

We have been learning about how many Christians believe that God forgives their sins. We shared stories of things that we have done wrong ourselves and then wrote about them on little plastic mini people. Just as many Christians believe that God forgives their sins, we washed away the sins from our little people!


We are poets!

We have been busy writing acrostic poems about Harvest. Here are some examples of our wonderful work and some photos of the children sharing their work with the class.

 We have also written some instructions for how to make a woolly mammoth out of a plastic milk bottle, here are Nate and Oakley’s instructions.


We are Archaeology

In year 3 we have been very busy learning all about the Stone Age. We have made woolly mammoths out of milk bottles and have been finding out about how prehistoric people lived. We have also started to investigate rocks; learning all about igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. We made pasta sedimentary ‘rocks’, chocolate sauce lava and chocolate metamorphic rock!


New activities

On Monday, we enjoyed learning a new sport called Boccia and also had a go at archery, it was great fun! 

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