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Harvest Festival

The children really enjoyed going to church this week. They gave generously to the church to support those in need. The children shared a story they had written about a scarecrow and how they protect the crops so we have enough food to share. The children also made puppets to fit the story too. The children really enjoyed making the story up and put effort into their puppets. They really enjoyed being back in church after such a long time.



The children have enjoyed learning about measurement and weight this week. They were especially amazed that their classroom is roughly 25 and a half rulers long. They measured it at 765cm or 7,650mm!

South America

This week in topic the children have been exploring the countries in the continent South America. The children worked in teams to spend 60 seconds looking at a completed map of South America. They then had to return to their group and describe where certain countries are on the map. The team who got the most correct have won a special prize for the end of the week. The children thoroughly enjoyed it and worked collaboratively (our learning focus of the week) to successfully place most of the countries in the right place. Two groups managed to get 13 of the 14 countries correct so well done to them!

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