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Viking Cooking

This week the children have had fun cooking like Vikings. They made blueberry pancakes using resources the Vikings would have gathered. The pancakes were baked in the oven in a dish. Then the children got to sit together and try their finished goods!

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Scaling Up

The children have been scaling by 10 in our maths lessons. We compare our own hand and foot print to a giants. We did this by making the average human handprint and footprint 10 times bigger using a roll of paper.

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Passport to the World

The children have created passports ready for their summer of adventures! We will be exploring various continents and countires at the start of this half term. To do this we will be using the spectacular book Atlas of Adventures by Lucy Letherland. The children are excited for their adventures and can’t wait to explore new cultures they have never exeprienced.

The Iron Man

The children started a unit of work using the book called the Iron Man by Ted Hughes. Throughout the book the children have been making fantastic predictions about what will happen next. They used these predictions to help them write the final chapter of the book. Here are two examples of the work they completed by Artie and Lucia.

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Ancient Eqyptians

The children have been learning about what the Ancient Egyptians used to write on. They found out that papyrus paper was used. We researched how it was made and recreated this in the classroom using modern day materials. The children started by ripping their papyrus (brown paper) into strips. They then dunked their papyrus into glue and water to press it together and they then left it in the sun (our radiator) to dry out. They have done a marvellous job and will be drawing their hieroglyphics onto them next week.

The Iron Man

The children have started to read a new book called The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. In English they took a description of the Iron Man and drew what they pictured from the description. They then gave labelling a go to show the key features of the description.

Pictures By Ronnie and Lucia.

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The children have been learning about carnivals in their French lessons. They thoroughly enjoyed looking at carnvials and their brightness. They even got a chance to make their own carnival masks..


Egyptian Hyroglyphics

The children have really enjoyed writing like Anceint Egyptians this week. They translated their first name, surname and their favourite hobby into hyroglyphics. They were so proud of their work and I am sure they can’t wait to show you how to write like an Egyptian at home!

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Ulf the Finger Eater

The children have been reading Ulf the finger eater in class. They have been acting out parts of the story focusing in their expression and fluency of reading. The children had lots of fun performing in character and really put lots of thought and effort into impressing their peers.

Finding Right Angles

This week the children have been getting back to basics to get our brains back in gear after the lovely Christmas break. They have been using their base-10 equipment to remind them how to count in the 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables. They have also been reintorduced to angles. They have been given a right angle finder and have been searching the school for right angles. They have always been amazed about how many they can find across the school!

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Play Rehearsal

The children have really got stuck into play rehersal. Even though we have very limited numbers the children have been trying their best to get ready for their performance in the coming weeks. Thank you to those who are isolating and rehearsing the songs at home! We can’t wait to all get back together and sing our songs and play our part!



The children have been working very hard on their column addition. We have been learning all about place value and what digits are worth. The children especially enjoyed playing the ‘Bankers Game’ where they had to make the biggest number using ones, tens and hundreds.

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The children have been learning about instructions in English this week. They really enjoyed the task where they had to lead their blindfolded partner across the playground to collect a cone and place it in a hoop. They were only allowed to use their voices and could not help their partner with any touch or follow my voice commands. They had to use clear and precise instructions in order to be successful.


Harvest Festival

The children really enjoyed going to church this week. They gave generously to the church to support those in need. The children shared a story they had written about a scarecrow and how they protect the crops so we have enough food to share. The children also made puppets to fit the story too. The children really enjoyed making the story up and put effort into their puppets. They really enjoyed being back in church after such a long time.



The children have enjoyed learning about measurement and weight this week. They were especially amazed that their classroom is roughly 25 and a half rulers long. They measured it at 765cm or 7,650mm!

South America

This week in topic the children have been exploring the countries in the continent South America. The children worked in teams to spend 60 seconds looking at a completed map of South America. They then had to return to their group and describe where certain countries are on the map. The team who got the most correct have won a special prize for the end of the week. The children thoroughly enjoyed it and worked collaboratively (our learning focus of the week) to successfully place most of the countries in the right place. Two groups managed to get 13 of the 14 countries correct so well done to them!

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