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Diversity Poetry


In Year Three, we have been looking at poetry. We thought about different techniques that poets use such as rhyming, alliteration, repetition and personification. Can you spot which techniques this Year Three poet has used?

When everyone is different
The world is much more fun
Because it is exciting
For everyone

When everyone is different
The world is a better place
It is more exciting to see a different face

When everyone is different
There are more things to do
People laughing, joking
Making stuff up too.

By Teddy

Yr 3 shadow puppet 1Yr 3 shadow puppet 2

Shadow Puppets

This term, Year Three have been looking at light and shadow in science. To explore the effects of where a light source is coming from we have been creating our own shadow puppet shows this week. We have been working together in small groups to create our own shadow puppets and scenery.

During our English lessons, we have been looking at plays and have written our own scripts based on a traditional tale to use when we perform our shadow puppet show.

Mammoth Hunt

Year Three had a very exciting afternoon this week. After lunch we found a strange footprint in the classroom. After some research, we discovered it must have been a mammoth footprint. Quickly, Miss Gamby handed out our spears so that we could catch the mammoth. We crept out on to the playground and hunted for more clues for the mystery mammoth. We found more footprints and a trail of mud leading to the field. Unfortunately, we did not find the mammoth but we did have some fun throwing our spears to practice in case we do find a mammoth another time.

By Barney, Teddy, Frankie and Noah.


Yr 3 mammoth foot printYr 3 spear
Yr 3 10.10.18 3
Yr 3 10.10.18 1

Stone Age Topic

We have been doing lots of work on our Stone Age topic this week. We loved looking at the stone age cave paintings that have been discovered across the world. We noticed that they often drew animals, fire and weapons. They also painted around their hands a lot too, we think this might be to represent the different families and groups that lived in their village. We created our own using chalk in similar styles and thought carefully about the types of colours they would have been able to use in prehistoric times.


This week, in our English lessons, class three have been looking at Stone Age Boy. A story all about a boy who falls down a hole and travels back in time. Before we read the story, we made predictions using only the front cover from the book. Some of us even noticed that the boy was wearing trainers so he can’t have possibly been from the Stone Age. Once we had listened to the whole story, we used role play to retell the story in our own words and came up with some actions to help us remember the key events of the story. We really enjoyed coming up with our own actions and some of us were very imaginative with them.

Here is a photo of some of us celebrating catching a reindeer by having a dance around the campfire.

Yr 3 3.10.18
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