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We are getting very good at spelling!

Rec aut wk 6
Rec Aut Wk5a

Come and Play

Reception enjoyed a ‘Come and Play’ session this week, where we had the chance to show our parents round our classroom. We played in the doctor’s surgery, made skull masks, showed our parents how to spell words with magnetic letters and made mud pies in the mud kitchen! Great fun was had by all.

All About Me

Dem bones, dem bones. As part of our ‘All About Me’ topic, Reception are reading Funny Bones by Janet and Allen Ahlberg, and we’ve been learning about our own skeletons. Many of us chose to create our own life size chalk skeleton drawings! Beware if you come down to visit reception…

Rec Aut wk 4
rec aut wk 3 2rec aut wk 3 3

Forest School

The children in Reception enjoyed their first visit to Forest School on Thursday afternoon. They played One, Two, Three Where Are You, collected some Autumn treasures and explored our wood, climbing the trees and building with the logs.

rec aut wk3 1

Repeating Patterns

We’ve been working on repeating patterns, and what better way to learn than through food! Have a look at one of our fruit kebabs – can you spot what should come next?

Rec Aut wk 2
Rec Aut Wk 1(1)


Welcome to our new Reception class! We have spent lots of time exploring our classroom this week and getting to know each other. Have a look at the tracks we’ve made for our toy cars from the outdoor construction materials.

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