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We have been busy in Reception this week learning about Guy Fawkes and making some firework pictures using paint and a cardboard tube which our teacher had cut on the end and splayed out like a messy brush.

Autumn Walk

We went for an Autumn Walk around the school grounds.  We found lots of leaves that were turning colour from green to yellow , orange and red.  We found red berries, which we know we mustn’t touch, some fungi and sweet chestnuts which had fallen from the sweet chestnut tree.  We saw the cheeky squirrel hunting for the sweet chestnuts and taking them away for his lunch!

We are looking forward to our Harvest Festival service in church and are learning a song to sing to the whole school.  It’s called Autumn Leaves.

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During RE discussions, we talked about the school's 50th anniversary on this site.  During Child Intiated Learning some children chose to make a party hat.  They then organised a party for their friends.  We are looking forward to our school's anniversary celebrations next week and meeting the Bishop during our special assembly on Tuesday.

Repeating Patterns

This week Reception Class has been making repeating patterns.  They made patterns with various resources for example, interlocking cubes, chain link and painting shape patterns.  On Wednesday they went into the playground and made a pattern.  Can you say what comes next? Later in the week, the class made musical patterns and followed shape patterns to make the music.

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School Hens

On Wednesday Miss Hunt introduced Reception to our school hens.  We have four hens who live in a hen house near to our outdoor classroom.  We found out lots of information about hens.  They like to sit in the sun and then they might lay an egg a day.  All of our chickens are females and are called hens.  A male chicken is called a cockerel.  Our hens like to eat worms.  They go into a little house at night where they are safe and warm.  We stroked one of the hens who is called Rosie.  Our teacher was very impressed with the questions we asked about the hens.  We hope to be able to help the school ‘Hen Team’ to clean out and look after the hens. 

Beginning School

Our new Reception children began school and have had great fun this week exploring their new surroundings and finding out all about their new classroom, making new friends and meeting the teachers.

On Thursday morning, they went to church with their families and teachers, where they met the Reverend Anne who welcomed them into the school community and presented each child with a book of bible stories.  Everyone then enjoyed refreshments back in school.

The children have settled in really well and we look forward to an exciting year together as they begin their school journey at St John’s.