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This week, Mr Nicholson our caretaker brought in his gorgeous pet Dumbo rat Coco. We had the chance to hold her and we found out lots of fascinating facts. Did you know that a rat’s tail is always the same length as its body? We’ve also been thinking about our value of trust, and we realised that Mr Nicholson needed to trust us to be kind and gentle with her.

R Aut 2 Week 3
R Aut 2 week 2

This week the fire engine came to visit Reception class! We had the chance to climb inside the engine cab and also to squirt the hoses. They were extremely powerful! The fabulous firemen also showed us all the different equipment they have on the fire engine. In class we decided to make our own and we have had lots of fun making and playing in it!

This week we really enjoyed a tennis taster session. The coach even showed us how to do a magic trick!

R week 7
R Week 6

This week we have been learning all about Harvest. We found out about where flour comes from to make the bread that we eat, and we even made our own bread.  It was amazing seeing it rise to overflow the bowl and then seeing it cook in the oven. We all agreed it was delicious!

We’ve been learning how to programme a beebot!  Our beebot was postman and had lots of mail to deliver to different places in the village… We’ve also been making a class book about our families.

R Week 5
R Week 4

This week’s story was Stick Man by Julia Donaldson.  We had a lot of fun in the woods, hunting for natural materials to make our own stick men with.

It was very windy this week and we had great fun flying the kites we made! We’ve also enjoyed playing in the hospital role play area. Look at the fantastic ambulance we built!

R Week 3 b
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