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Year 6


We loved having Givani Frankis come to visit our school to talk about being a champion athlete.

The fitness circuit was a lot of fun and we learned two very important lessons;

Never give up

Keep on trying

He really inspired us to maintain a fit and active lifestyle and not to give up on our dreams because things worth doing arent usually easy!


We have had a fantastic week at PGL. We had lots of exciting activities some of our favourites were; zipwire, trapeze, the climbing wall and survivour.


In science, we have been learning about light.  We figured out that light only travels at 300,000km per second in straight lines unless it is stopped by an object. This week we used mirrors to reflect light in different directions to try and get through a maze. In the classroom it was tricky because we had other light sources that were reflecting off of the mirrors. Luckily it was much darker in the school hall.

By Megan and Joshua

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Welcome Back Year 6

We have had a busy start to the term with our new roles around the school we are finding that there are lots of jobs for us to do. We love caring for and playing with the younger children and were happy to help the new reception class settle in to their new school. All of us have been willing to help in any way we can and have had a fun and positive start to the year!

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