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Year 6

Design and Technology

This week in basketball the children focused on their shooting skills and everyone improved during the session.  It was particularly lovely to hear the children encouraging and supporting each other.  At the end of the session, they had a chance to put their skills into action in mini-games.


We have completed our non-chronological reports about the fictional planet Pandora.  The finished pieces of work look fantastic and will be on display in Year 6.


Design and Technology

This half-term, we have been designing, making and evaluating savoury pastry snacks made from seasonal vegetables.

We began by learning about the importance of seasonal produce during the rationing in World War 2 and went on to discover which vegetables are in season in the UK in December.

We had a chance to taste vegetables including swede, parsnip, carrot, turnip and cabbage.  Many Year 6 children tried new things and enjoyed them.  The savoy cabbage was a particular hit!

After that, we worked in groups to choose the vegetables we would use, decide on seasonings and design what the pastry snack would look like.

Yesterday, we learnt how to peel, cut and grate vegetables safely before preparing our own and cooking them.  Then came the pastry work and the cooking.

The resulting snacks were delicious and some said that they will make them again at home!


Christmas Fun - 15th December 2023


Wow, what a day!  This morning, we worked really hard to prepare 170 Christingles for all the children in the school.  It was hard work and took some organising, but everyone played their part and smiled (and sang!) their way through it.  We had a special Collective Worship to remind ourselves of the meaning of the elements of the Christingles and to explain the work of the Children’s Society.

Christmas lunch was delicious and then the day got even better when we had a surprise visit from Father Christmas who brought gifts for our classroom.

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