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Year 6

Last half term, in art we were given the task to create a half Picasso and half realistic portrait of ourselves. 
Some of the Picasso sides were very creative but some took a dark turn.                                                                                                             
This was very challenging but everyone pulled through and at the end the results were amazing. 

                                                                                   Betsy Year 6

self portrait 4(1)
self portrait 3self portrait 2(1)
art 1art 3art 4

Last half term, while most of Year Five and Six were at PGL, the rest of the Year groups came together and created paintings using Pointalism. Pointalism was developed by a man called Georges Seurat, who was a French painter. We recreated two pictures, one of a tree and the other of a famous French landmark, using paint and cotton earbuds.

                                                                                          Emma, Year 6

art 2

Creation Story

The children in Year Six have been learning about the ‘Creation Story’ in the Bible.

The original ‘Creation Story’ was written as a poem.

The children were challenged to write a poem using the story. They were expected to use poetic and evocative language but did not have to make their work rhyme.

Here are three of the children’s poems.

Genesis Poem

The beginning
A magical mysterious meaningless blank canvas
Infinity of darkness

God spoke, “Separate darkness from light”
The He spoke “More light equal to night”
Then a yellow bright flash of light slashed the darkness
“I shall call the darkness night”
“And I shall call the light day”
God thought, “This is good, but I need more”
Evening faded – dawn broke – Day One

God spoke “I need something wonderful to surround my art work”
God demanded sky
And there was sky; with white fluffy clouds in a blue sky
And it appeared; a mouth-watering atmosphere
Evening faded – dawn broke – Day Two

God spoke “Dry land rise from sea”
“Sea and dry land separate”
“Give the corridor of dust blooming flowers and blossoming trees”
Forest pine and mangroves by the sea”
“I need more” he spoke 
Evening faded – dawn broke – Day Three

“Let the light have a maker that will shine forevermore”
“Let the dark have a shining spirit”
“I shall name the light maker the Sun”
“And the dark shining spirit the Moon and Stars” called God
Evening faded – dawn broke – Day Four

“Let living aspects fill the heavens”
“Of all different colours and shapes”
“I shall call these birds”
"Let dancing dolphins and shimmering shapes fill the waters”
“I shall call these fish”, God said
Evening faded – dawn broke – Day Five

“Now let grass grazing creatures”
“And meat eating majestics fill the earth”
“Some live in the desert and some live in trees”
“Let two people that look equal to me”
“Look after this planet, eat only what you need”
Then God called all the animals
“Prosper, reproduce ad live a wonderful life”
Evening faded – dawn broke – Day Six

“This day is a day of rest” God demanded
He watched his lifeful canvas the best painting that can be
Evening faded – dawn broke – Day Seven


Genesis Poem

Day One dawned and God demanded Light!
God added the magical massive meaningless blank page
God named the light day and the dark night
Evening faded; morning dawned but God wanted more.

Day Two brightened the sky high
It was a beautiful day under the sky
High, high sky clouds of different shapes and sizes
Fluffy, fluffy clouds
Evening faded; morning dawned but God wanted more.

Day Three sprung – God demanded dry land
Sea, plants and trees and the dry land emerged
The sea had rapid waves, plants and trees rose
Evening faded; morning dawned but God wanted more.

Day Four broke out – God demanded the burning bright sun
The glistening shiny stars and the white cheesy moon
Evening faded; morning dawned but God wanted more.

Day Five began – God demanded magical unknown creatures
To be in the sea and sky shiny shapes
And dancing dolphins
Evening faded; morning dawned but God wanted more.

Day Six awoke – God demanded beautiful animals
Amazing God like animals that would take care of the world
Evening faded; morning dawned but God wanted more.

Day Seven emerged and God saw it was good
He decided to rest
He loved the bright beautiful green world
Evening faded; morning dawned but God saw that it was good.


Genesis Poem

In the beginning there was nothing
A massive meaningless Magical blank page
An infinity of darkness, like a bottomless pit
Nothing was there.

Day One
On the first day God demanded “LIGHT!”
He then separated the light from the dark
He named the light day and the dark night
God saw that it was good
The first day dawned

Day Two
On the second day God demanded “SKY!”
The bright sky formed above God
The wind blew above in the air
God saw that it was good
The second day dawned

Day Three
On the third day God demanded “PLANTS AND TREES!”
Luscious green grass spread across the land
Flowers simultaneously spread across the land as they flourished
The trees sprouted from the luscious greenery
God saw that it was good
The third day dawned

Day Four
On the fourth day God demanded “SUN, MOON AND STARS!”
The Sun rose and shone like when you open your eyes in the morning
The Moon lifted but not as high as the Sun
Then twinkling small flying lights appeared surrounding the Moon
God saw that it was good
The fourth day dawned

Day Five
On the fifth day God demanded “CREATURES IN THE SEA AND SKY!”
All of a sudden fish appeared in the sea 
Along with bright blue dolphins and lime green sea turtles
Doves and swans appeared along with blue tits and robins and all other types
God saw that it was good
The fifth day dawned

Day Six
On the sixth day God demanded “ANIMALS AND HUMANS!”
The tigers, lions, bears and other mysterious animals appeared
Then the first humans Adam and Eve appeared
God saw that t was good
The sixth day dawned

Day Seven
On the seventh day God demanded “REST!”
All the animals Adan and Eve rested
God saw that it was good
The seventh day dawned all was good.

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