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Year 6

Last half term, in art we were given the task to create a half Picasso and half realistic portrait of ourselves. 
Some of the Picasso sides were very creative but some took a dark turn.                                                                                                             
This was very challenging but everyone pulled through and at the end the results were amazing. 

                                                                                   Betsy Year 6

self portrait 4(1)
self portrait 3self portrait 2(1)
art 1art 3art 4

Last half term, while most of Year Five and Six were at PGL, the rest of the Year groups came together and created paintings using Pointalism. Pointalism was developed by a man called Georges Seurat, who was a French painter. We recreated two pictures, one of a tree and the other of a famous French landmark, using paint and cotton earbuds.

                                                                                          Emma, Year 6

art 2
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