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Year 2


The children  of year 2 have been thinking about what they would like

to ask forgiveness for and how they are going to

change their actions. They wrote these on a leaf to

 symbolise ‘turning over a new leaf’.

Week Beginning 13.12.21 - Picture 1Week Beginning 13.12.21 - Picture 4

Year 2’s Christmas Experience

We enjoyed the wonderful experience of visiting the church to hear about the nativity story from the perspectives of the three kings, the three shepherds and Mary and Joseph.  It was lovely to see the children engaged and developing a deeper understanding of the story.  Afterwards, the children hung up paper angels on the surrounding trees on the church grounds.

Week Beginning 13.12.21 - Picture 2Week Beginning 13.12.21 - Picture 8

It’s ‘mass’-ively fun in maths this week

In Maths, Year 2 have been comparing an assortment of objects in the classroom by measuring their mass using scales and using the language of ‘more than’, ‘less than’ and ‘the same as’.  They recorded their findings using the <, > and = symbols. 

Week Beginning 06.12.21 - Picture 2
Week Beginning 06.12.21 - Picture 3Week Beginning 06.12.21 - Picture 1
Week Beginning 29.11.21 - Picture 1

Suffixes -ful and -less

In English, Year 2 have been learning about the suffixes -ful and -less.  They sorted out different verbs and nouns into groups where -ful, -less or both can be added to them.  Do you agree with how they sorted out the words ?

Week Beginning 29.11.21 - Picture 3

Floating like a balloon

In P.E, Year 2 have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the movements of a balloon.  They watched closely how a balloon inflates, deflates and floats in the air. They then used their bodies to act out the movements. 

Week Beginning 22.11.21 - Picture 3
Week Beginning 22.11.21 - Picture 4
Week Beginning 15.11.21 - Picture 2

We are living in a material world.

In Science, Year 2 have been investigating the properties of materials.  This week’s experiment looked at the absorbency of different types of paper.  Prior to the experiment, children made predictions and talked about what makes a fair test.

Week Beginning 15.11.21 - Picture 3

Purrr-fect Dance !

In P.E., the children are learning how to create movements like a cat.  They imagined sleeping like a cat, chasing a ball and moving around slowly before returning to a sleeping position.

Week Beginning 08.11.21 - Picture 2
Week Beginning 08.11.21 - Picture 1
Week Beginning 01.11.21 - Picture 2

Making rangoli patterns

This week in R.E. and art, the children have been learning about Diwali.  They discovered that geometrical shapes and symmetry are used to create rangoli patterns. They then used their colour mixing skills to create their own.

Week Beginning 01.11.21 - Picture 1

Year 2 recreated Wassily easily !

In art, the children have been learning about the artist Wassily Kandinsky and looking at his abstract art pieces.  They recreated their own versions of his painting named ‘Squares with Concentric Circles’ using their colour mixing skills.

Week Beginning 18.10.21 - Picture
Week Beginning 04.10.21 - Picture 1(1)Week Beginning 04.10.21 - Picture 3(1)

We remember, we rejoice and we share…

This week we had our first, long awaited church service to celebrate the harvest festival.  It was wonderful to see the children enjoying the experience of singing hymns and contributing their work as part of the morning.  Some of our Year 2 children were able to share their fantastic harvest poems and then later Reverend Sarah reminded us of the importance of sharing.

Week Beginning 04.10.21 - Picture 4

Make 100 !

In Maths, the children have been exploring how to regroup ten ones for one ten using base-10 equipment by playing the game ‘Make 100’.  In pairs, they took turns to roll a ten-sided die and place that number of ‘ones’ cubes on a tens frame handout.  They rolled the dice again and once one tens frame was full, pupils regrouped ten ones for a ten rod. They continued to roll the dice until they made 100 !

Week Beginning 04.10.21 - Picture 1
Week Beginning 04.10.21 - Picture 3Week Beginning 04.10.21 - Picture 2
Week Beginning 27.09.21 - Picture 2Week Beginning 27.09.21 - Picture 1(2)Week Beginning 27.09.21 - Picture 3(1)

Throwing and Catching

In P.E. this week, we have continued to practise our throwing and catching skills.   We enjoyed playing games using hoops and making up our own games with throwing a ball in a different direction and trying to catch it.  The children used their growth mindset to challenge themselves to improve their own personal scores.

Week Beginning 27.09.21 - Picture 4(2)

Mixing and Blending

In our art session this week, the children have been learning about how to use different techniques such as stippling, cross hatching and stumbling using oil pastels.  The children chose three of their favourite techniques to create their own art pieces.

Week Beginning 20.09.21 - Picture 2
Week Beginning 20.09.21 - Picture 1Wek Beginning 20.09.21 - Picture 3
Week Beginning 13.09.21 - Picture

What a lot of drama !

This week, we had a drama workshop where the children had lots of fun taking part in lots of different activities.

The Past and the Present

In our history session this week, the children have been learning about how London has changed from the 17th century to today.  We looked at different aspects such as transport, clothing, buildings.

Week Beginning 06.09.21 - Picture 2
Week Beginning 06.09.21 - Picture 1
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