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Year 2


Year 2 have been working hard this week looking at tens and ones. They have used different manipulatives to help them such as Numicom, bead strings and Dienes..

pic wk 5
wk 4 pic

The Great Fire of London

This week we explored the use of colour, using pastels and different shading techniques to create a fiery backdrop to the streets of London.

List Poem

Year 2 are learning how to write a list poem using an adjective and object.

Below is the poem we have written as a class.

What is Autumn?

Autumn is

Spiky pine cones

Hibernating hedgehogs

Sticky toffee apples

Bare trees

Crunchy leaves

Round conkers

Warm hats

Hard acorns

Cute fluffy squirrels.

image 1

Welcome to year 2.

Only a few days in and already we have achieved so much.

We have looked at what we can already do and written some sentences about this. In keeping with growth mind set we then talked about what we can’t do YET, and wrote about what we would like to be able to do.

In computing we have used a paint package to draw pictures ourselves and practised our mouse control.

In maths we tackled thisproblem:


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