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Activity Reports

Basketball Tournament

On the 30th November 16 children from year 6 took part in a basketball tournament at Chauncy School.  We were split into two teams.  In group 1 were Joseph, Tommy, Tylan, Ruby H, Amber, Tia, Danny and Charlie.  In Group2 were Jesse, Jack, Thomas, Olivia, Sofia, Isabelle, Lola and Billy.  Throughout the first few matches St Johns were looking strong.  With a 12 – 0 win from St Johns 1 and a 4-1 win from St Johns2.  St Johns 1 comfortably topped their group and made it through to the semi-finals with two more wins.

In St Johns 2’s second match against Able Smith we were 3 – 0 down at half time but we managed to pullit back making the score 3 – 3.  Straight after we went into a sudden death shoot out – unfortunately losing by a basket.  Our last two matches saw us win 2 -1 and lose 2 – 1.  We thought we had done enough for both teams to make it to the semi-finals but after a recount St Johns 2 missed out on getting to the semi-finals by one basket.  Even though we were devastated we kept our heads high by cheering St Johns 1 on getting to the finals. 

St Johns 1 played a tough game against St Catherines 2 but luckily we came out with a victory getting us to the final.

In the final we were up against Abel Smith 1’s.  We played really well and won 7 – 0.

Girls Football Match against Millmead

Millmead Girls Football team came to St Johns on Tuesday the 7th of November to play a friendly match against our Year 5 and 6s.

In the first half there was some great passing which led us to a superb goal from Lola. Unfortunately Millmead got a goal back to tie the match at 1-1. A few minutes later it was half time. 

In the second half we continued our strong defending and great tackling especially by Sienna. Unfortunately Millmead got another goal in to make the score 2-1. They followed this up with another against the run of play.

Despite this, we kept pushing hard and got a fantastic goal in by Amber. We crossed the ball and Amber was there to lash the ball into the roof of the net. We were back in the game and carried on doing some fantastic tackling by Sophie and Ruby.  Ashleigh was also making good saves to keep the score 3-2. As the darkness came, we knew we didn’t have long left. Not through the lack of trying, we couldn’t get the equalising goal- the match finished 3-2. Thank you for all the girls who played in the football match. Our girls of the match were Ruby Hicks and Siena. 

Home matches against Hollybush School


On Thursday the 2nd of November, St John’s football team played a home match against Hollybush.  As the game kicked off you could feel the tension between the two sides.

In the first five minutes we got an opportunity from a corner, Charlie whipped it in at pace hoping for someone to get on the end of it.  Luckily Danny leaped into the air and scored an amazing header sending the ball flying into the bottom corner.

In the blink of an eye Hollybush set the score level with an outstanding goal.  Thankfully Danny scored again from a corner and Charlie scored his first just before half time.  3 – 1 and time for a break.

Unfortunately within 10 minutes the score was levelled by Hollybush after we conceded two free kicks, but with keeping our heads high Joseph scored a great goal from outside the box.

With 3 minutes to go St Johns went goal crazy!  Charlie scored the quickest hat-trick you will ever see to take his personal tally to 4 goals and the overall score to 7-3.

We all showed great determination but our stand out player and man of the match for defending well and leading us from the back was Danny.

By Joseph Stewart and Thomas Palmer



On Thursday the 2nd of November, St John’s netball team played a match against Hollybush.  Our previous match had been called off so we were feeling a bit unprepared; however, with some extra lunch time practices we were feeling more confident.  In the first few minutes of the game we managed to score a goal 1-0 to us.  With some excellent shooting and defending the first quarter ended 9-0 to us.  After a quick team talk we went back on court even stronger.  We had another great quarter with some excellent passing and teamwork. Isabelle and Alexi scored some amazing goals.  By the end of the quarter we were 18 nil up.  Even though Hollybush had not scored a goal they kept their heads up high.  By the end of the match the score was 20-0 to us.  We all played really well but our player of the match is Isabelle for mazing shooting.

By Ruby Phillips and Ruby Hicks


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