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Activity Reports

Netball and Football Match v Hertingfordbury


On Thursday the 21st of March a variety of girls from our netball team played a match against Hertingfordbury.  The match started with an amazing pass from Maisy to Bonnie and Phoebe finished off with an excellent goal.  Unfortunately, the score was 3 -1 to Hertingfordbury.  The second quarter ended with a score of 6-4 to Hertingfordbury.  It was then the third quarter and we didn’t give up we persevered till the very last second.  The final score was 13 – 7 to Hertingfordbury.  Our player of the match is Bonnie for excellent passing and intercepting.


On Thursday 21 March St John the Baptist School played Hertingfordbury, the match started off quickly with us conceding a quick goal, the score was 1-0 to Hertingfordbury.  We kept our heads up which lead to an amazing volley by George the score was 1-1.  Eventually after creating a lot of chances we finally scored with a great ball by Charlie H which led to Ronnie finishing a sneaky 1 on 1 situation with their goal-keeper, the score was 2-1 to St Johns.  Unfortunately, the opposing team received a free kick which was rebounded and finished by their striker the score was 2-2 to Hertingfordbury.  We carried on producing great team spirit which led to many chances, unexpectedly Miles shot which was saved for a corner, which Charlie H headed in the bottom corner, the score was 3-2 after the final whistle. 

Netball Match v St Andrews


On Thursday 7th March, St Johns’ netball team played a friendly match against St Andrews school.  In the first quarter, with great attacking, we managed to get the ball to the other end and Alexi set the score to 1-0.  At the end of that quarter the score was 5-0 to St Johns because of fantastic shooting by Alexi and Phoebe.  Then the second quarter began.  With amazing passing another brilliant goal was scored by Mia.  We could see St Andrews were getting stronger as a team but we kept going and tried our best.  The final score was 7-0 to St Johns.  Our player of the match is Mia for great passing and shooting.

By Ashley and Bonnie

Netball and Football Match v St Joseph


We played a home match against St Joseph’s yesterday. In the first half they scored two early goals and another two before the first half ended. We managed to score one. We knew they were going to be tough to beat.

 At half time we had a pep talk and Mr Clemo suggested a change of team. Then in the second half of the match St Joseph’s scored one more goal and we scored again. The final score was 5-2 to St Joseph’s

Report by Thomas Lonngren-Sampaio



On Thursday 7 February 9 girls from the netball team played against St Joseph.  It was their first centre pass but we started off well by intercepting the pass to get it down the court to Mia to make it 1 - 0 to St Johns.  At the end of the quarter it was 2 - 0 to St Johns.  Unfortunately in the next quarter we conceded 2 goals, 2 - 2.  It was then the third quarter and the score was 6 - 5 to us.  In the last quarter it was tough, however, we managed to cope and the final score was 11 - 8 to St Johns.  We all played really well but our player of the match is Ashleigh for great passes and interceptions.


By Maisy and Mia

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