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Activity Reports

District Sports

On Thursday 21 June years 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 took part in District Sports at Wodson Park.  We were all really excited and determined at the same time.  It started off with the 600 meters.  Ruby Hicks and Jake Reynolds from Year 6 and Finlay Bradford and Autumn Shine from year 5 did exceedingly well and Finlay won his race.  This was followed by the field events; long jump, javelin and target.  Then the rest of the track evening including sprints.  Last were the relays.  First were the year 2’s.  Betsy was first who gave them a head start then Amelie who kept them going, next was Lola, she pushed them forwards and Kiera ran extremely fast to beat the people in front.  Next was year 2 boys they did as well as the girls.  Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 did theirs next and most of the them won.

Then it was time for the scores.  We knew we did well but we weren’t sure how well.  We found out that Year 2 came 6th which was really good.  Then we found out that the Year 3 and 4 team came first and so did the 5 and 6 team.  We were all really proud of how we did.

Indoor Sportshall Athletics Final

Girls Team

On Thursday 28th of June St Johns year 5 and 6 girls athletics team went to Wodson Park to compete in the district sports to try and reach the county finals.  The day started off well with a couple of track wins.  Then Bengeo caught up during some exciting relay events. Our field events went well but our track events were tough.  Well done to everyone who competed, we did really well and supported each other.  Overall we came second and we enjoyed the experience.  Our competitors of the team are Tia and Maisy for being brilliant in their track and field events.  Thank you Mr Young for giving up your lunch times to help us practise.


Boys Team

On Thursday 28th of June 10 boys from Year 5 and 6 took part in an indoor sports hall athletics competition.  The team consisted of Tylan, Danny, Joseph, Jake, Daniel, Charlie R, Miles, Harry B, Finlay and Tommy.  Bengeo were the only other school at the competition. We had many close track events and after many great jumping and throwing events we knew we had a big chance of winning.  The results were read and we finished 1st.  We had a great time and look forward to taking part in the county final next Friday.


Girls Cricket Tournament

On Friday 15 June St John’s girls played in a cricket tournament at Sele School against 7 other teams.  In our group we played against Hertingfordbury and St Andrews.  Our first game was against Hertingfordbury.  We started very strong and won by 20 runs so that put us through to the semi-final.  We then had to play St Andrews to see who placed 1st or 2nd in our group.  Unfortunately, we got caught out too many times so that put us in second place.  In the semi-finals we played against Bengeo and we knew it was going to be a tough one.  The match ended up as Bengeo winning, but we were not out yet as we still had one match left.  Our last match was against St Andrews again, in the play off for 3rd and 4th.  That put a smile on our faces as we won!  We didn’t go away empty handed, we came 3rd and took home medals.


Hertford & Ware District Primary Schools Netball Tournament – Monday 26 March

Our netball team did extremely well in the tournament and returned as Champions of the medium sized schools.

‘On 26 March, St Johns netball team took part in a netball tournament at Presdales School. When we arrived our first match was against St. Josephs. We had an early lead with end of the first half 7 – 0. The final score for the first match was 13 – 0. We played many more matches, some harder thatn others, but by the end of the 8 matches we had won them all. Our hardest were against Abel Smith and Mill Mead. We won the medium schools tournament.

Hertford & Ware District Primary Schools Boys Football Tournament – Friday 23 March


By Tylan Hernandez

‘On Friday 23 March, eight boys from Years 5/6 competed in the Hertford & Ware Schools football tournament. We played well, drawing four of our games and winning two. We came fourth overall (large and medium schools) and second out of the medium schools category.

Music Festival – Tuesday 20 March at Ware Drill Hall

The choir joined five other local schools to perform the cantata ‘The Mousehole Cat,’ written by Paul Burrell. The evening started with each school performing an individual item – this year we sang "The little Fish that got Away". The second part of the evening saw the schools join together to perform the cantata as a mass choir. Eloise started the whole event with her narration, followed by Cassia who had also been selected out of 50 hopeful children to be a narrator, were narrators and Olivia Kempthorne performed a powerful solo in the song "Step into the Light".

It was a lovely evening. All of our Singers performed well and enjoyed the occasion, along with parents and family who came to watch. Thank you to parents for their support on the night and in taking children to rehearsals.

Sportshall Athletics – Thursday 15 March

On Thursday 15 March a boys team and a girls team from Years 5 & 6 took part in the Yrs 5/6 Hertford & Ware School Sports Partnership’s Sportshall athletics competition.

Boys' report
‘On Thursday 15 March, 9 boys from Yrs 5&6 took part in an indoor sportshall athletics tournament. The activities consisted of javelin, chest push, 4 x 1 relay, 2 x 2 relay, over and under, obstacle relay, standing long jump, standing triple jump, vertical jump, speed bounce and six lap parlouf. We did extremely well by winning most of our activities. Overall we ended up getting 86 points and coming in 1st place. This means we will be advancing to the next stage of the event. We thoroughly enjoyed the event and hope to progress even further.

Girls’ report ‘On Thursday 15 March, St. John the Baptist went to Wodson Park to compete in an athletics competition. When we got there we did the obstacle course and the sprint. Afterwards we did the 2 x 2 and our field events such as vertical jump, speed bounce,, long jump, triple jump and chest push. Next was the over and under which we won. We did really well at this competition. As we won overall, we go through to the next round which is the County finals.

Rapid Fire Cricket Competition - Monday 26 February

Report by Nevaeh Senar & Joshua

‘On Monday 26 February, a team of Year 4 pupils competed in the school sports partnership Rapid Fire Cricket Tournament at Wodson Park.

Our first match was against Hertingfordbury, which sadly we lost. We played a further 6 matches winning 2 of them. We came 7th out of the 8 schools that competed. We enjoyed batting because we could take our time and weren’t forced to rush. We also liked the fact that when we were fielding we weren’t just exercising we were having fun at the same time. We would love to do this again’.


Netball and Football 22 February

On 22 February our netball and football teams played against Abel Smith primary School.

“On Thursday 22 February St John’s netball team played a netball match again Abel Smith.  It was a very tough match however we all tried our best.  The first quarter started with great defending by Siena, Tia and Isabelle B.  The quarter ended 3 – 3.

We went back on ready to play our second quarter.  There was some good attacking by Isabelle K, Eloise and Bonnie.  Bonnie and Isabelle K scored some outstanding goals.  At the end of this quarter the score was 7 – 5 to Abel Smith.

The next two quarters were just as good as the others.  With some great passing by the whole team we were able to get some more amazing goals, however they were just as determined as us.  The final score was 14 – 10.

We all played really well but our player of the match is Isabelle B for some great defending and an amazing first game.”

(Report - Isabelle Kessler and Ruby Hicks)

“On the 22nd of February St John’s football team went head to head with Abel Smith School.  As the game kicked off both sides looked eager to win, but unfortunately we went 1 down within 5 minutes from a good cross by Abel Smith, by a header into the bottom corner.  As the whistle blew for the second half we were determined to make the score level.  Throughout the second half we seemed to have the upper hand, although we couldn’t put away our chances when we needed them the most.  Two minutes before the end of the match they scored another making us go two down by the end of the match.  Our man of the match for great all round play is Tommy O’Brien.”

(Report -  Thomas Palmer and Joseph Stewart)


B Team Basketball Festival

Report by Finlay Bradford & Maisy Potter

‘On Wednesday 7 February, some pupils from Year 5 were selected to take part in the Hertford & Ware School Sports Partnership Basketball Festival.

We played 8 matches which were 10 minutes long.

We won 6 matches out of 8.

Each and every member of the team played exceptionally well because we communicated well and supported each other, made great passes and defended well.

We all enjoyed the afternoon and had great fun’.

Netball and Football 5 February

Netball - Evans Cup Round 2 v St. Mary’s by Ruby Phillips & Isabelle Kessler

‘On Monday the 5th of February St Johns netball team played a match against St Mary’s. We knew it would be a hard match, so we kept our heads high and tried our best. In the first quarter there was some great attacking from Ruby H, Amber and Siena. The quarter ended 4-1 to St Mary’s.

After a quick team talk and switch of positions, we were ready to play another quarter. As soon as the whistle blew we were determined to get the score higher than theirs. It was another hard quarter however there was some great defending by Ruby P and Tia. There was some astonishing teamwork throughout the whole quarter. At the end of the quarter the score was 8-3 to St Marys.

In the third quarter there was some outstanding shooting by Isabelle and Alexi. We tried our best to shoot as many goals as possible however we struggled to do this because of St Mary’s strong defence. As hard as we tried we still found that this match was one of the hardest we have played this year. Although we were extremely determined to win, they were just as determined as us. The third quarter ended 15-4.

When it was time to play our last quarter we never thought it would be this competitive. The score at the end was 17-5. We now know that if we struggle to play a match, we still need to work as team and try our best. Overall there was some amazing attacking and defending from the whole team. Our player of the match was Ruby Hicks for phenomenal interceptions’.


Football - Hope Shield Round 1 v Wheatcroft by Tylan Hernandez

‘On Monday 5 February, St. John’s football team played a match against Wheatcroft School. Even before the game began we could feel the tension between both sides. The game started well with St. John’s making some great play but unfortunately we couldn’t score a goal and just before the end of the first half it was 1 – 0 to Wheatcroft. We kept our heads high but sadly we couldn’t get the win. Luckily we managed to close the 2 – 0 gap by one goal from Joseph. The Final score was 2 – 1 to Wheatcroft. Our man of the match for great determination, great saves and keeping us in the game is Miles’.

Cross Country

On Thursday the 1st February year 5 and 6 took part in a cross country competition at Hertford Rugby Club.  After deciding it was too cold Charlie Ridley smashed his head on a pole to get out of running!  That didn’t bring us down though.  The race started with the boys at the back.  The boys ran past their opponents edging their way to the front still trying to pace themselves.  When they thought the race was over, they had to run around another field.  Finally the race was over.  The boys A team came third and the boys B team came second.

The girls lined up to start their race and they felt a lot of pressure after seeing the boys do so well.  The race started off strong for the girls after starting near the front.  The girls knew the course was tough after watching the boys gasping for breath.  The race ended and we were delighted by our performances.  The girls A team came fifth and the girls B team ran a good race, coming fourth.


Year 4 Sportshall Athletics

On Monday 15th January Year 4 attended the local sports partnership inter-schools athletics competition. We all got to compete in five or six activities each. Our favourites were throwing the Javelin at the bullseye and using the reversa-boards in the running.

Netball - Evans Cup

On Tuesday the school’s netball team competed in the first fixture of the new Evans Cup tournament. They were playing against Hertingfordbury Cowper Primary .St John’s got an early lead following good shooting from Isabelle. The team attacked well and scored 9 more nets by the end of the half. The final score was 19-2. We are now through to the next round of the cup!

Report by Amber Madell

Football - Hope Cup

Our football team also played their first game in the knock out Hope Cup competition. St John’s started the game and Charlie Hicks passed the ball to Danny. Unfortunately the ball was intercepted as Danny tried to pass to me and Hertingfordbury scored. At Half time we were 2-1 down. In the second half we played much better and scored another goal. Unfortunately we were not able to get a win. We now go forward to the Hope Shield.

Report by Tylan Hernandez

Basketball Tournament

On the 30th November 16 children from year 6 took part in a basketball tournament at Chauncy School.  We were split into two teams.  In group 1 were Joseph, Tommy, Tylan, Ruby H, Amber, Tia, Danny and Charlie.  In Group2 were Jesse, Jack, Thomas, Olivia, Sofia, Isabelle, Lola and Billy.  Throughout the first few matches St Johns were looking strong.  With a 12 – 0 win from St Johns 1 and a 4-1 win from St Johns2.  St Johns 1 comfortably topped their group and made it through to the semi-finals with two more wins.

In St Johns 2’s second match against Able Smith we were 3 – 0 down at half time but we managed to pullit back making the score 3 – 3.  Straight after we went into a sudden death shoot out – unfortunately losing by a basket.  Our last two matches saw us win 2 -1 and lose 2 – 1.  We thought we had done enough for both teams to make it to the semi-finals but after a recount St Johns 2 missed out on getting to the semi-finals by one basket.  Even though we were devastated we kept our heads high by cheering St Johns 1 on getting to the finals. 

St Johns 1 played a tough game against St Catherines 2 but luckily we came out with a victory getting us to the final.

In the final we were up against Abel Smith 1’s.  We played really well and won 7 – 0.

Girls Football Match against Millmead

Millmead Girls Football team came to St Johns on Tuesday the 7th of November to play a friendly match against our Year 5 and 6s.

In the first half there was some great passing which led us to a superb goal from Lola. Unfortunately Millmead got a goal back to tie the match at 1-1. A few minutes later it was half time. 

In the second half we continued our strong defending and great tackling especially by Sienna. Unfortunately Millmead got another goal in to make the score 2-1. They followed this up with another against the run of play.

Despite this, we kept pushing hard and got a fantastic goal in by Amber. We crossed the ball and Amber was there to lash the ball into the roof of the net. We were back in the game and carried on doing some fantastic tackling by Sophie and Ruby.  Ashleigh was also making good saves to keep the score 3-2. As the darkness came, we knew we didn’t have long left. Not through the lack of trying, we couldn’t get the equalising goal- the match finished 3-2. Thank you for all the girls who played in the football match. Our girls of the match were Ruby Hicks and Siena. 

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