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Activity Reports

Music Festival – Tuesday 21 March at Ware Drill Hall

St. Johns Singers joined other local schools to perform ‘The Shepherd King,’ written by Paul Burrell. The schools were divided into three groups, with St. Johns performing on Tuesday evening. The children had been working hard on their performance over the last few months. Olivia Kempthorne sang her solo beautifully and Cassia Gale was a very eloquent narrator. Our individual item was ‘When You Believe.’

It was, as usual, a lovely evening. All of our Singers performed well and enjoyed the occasion along with parents and family who came along to watch. Thank you to parents for their support.

Singers taking part were :- Olivia Kempthorne, Cassia Gale, Molly Brooks, Bonnie Jardine, Rosie Hoy, Spike Sampson, Cora Foulds, Isabel Beswick, Daisy Fitzpatrick, Gemima Dixon, Megan Taylor, Harmony Turner, Gracie-Mae D’urso and Alexi Wittey.

Speed Stacking

On Monday 27 February, a team from Year 4 took part in the Hertford and Ware Schools Speed Stacking competition. This is a new competition for our school. The children had been coached by our Sports Ambassadors Jessica Scott and Matthew Cushing. They enjoyed their time and came a very respectable 3rd place. Well done to Charlie Ridley, Harry Boorer, Miles Hannington and Harry Preston!

Girls Football Tournament

'On Thursday 20 April the girls football team played a tournament at Hertford Town Football Club.  Our first match was against Morgans B team.  We started of well, scoring an amazing goal, 1-0 to St Johns.  With 15 seconds left of the match we scored another amazing goal.  At the whistle it was 2-0 to St Johns.

The next game was against Morgans A team.  With an amazing goal by Mia it was 1-0 to St Johns.  Unfortunately Morgans scored a goal.  The final score was 1-1.

We also played two more matches against St Mary's A and B teams.  One of the scores was 0-0 and the other one was 1-0 to St Johns.  Luckly we came 1st in the Year 3/4 tournament.'

Rapid Fire Cricket Tournament

'On Thursday 9 March we played a Rapid Fire Cricket Tournament against 5 other schools.  Sadly we got off to a bad start and lost our first match against Morgans School.  After that we luckily won our second match.  Thankfully we won the next three matches but unfortunately it wasn't enough to get through to the final.'

Cookery Club

We made healthy pitta pizzas this week in Year 2 cooking club. They tasted delicious! They were very easy to make and we all got to choose what we wanted as toppings.

We also worked well together and learnt new cutting and grating skills.

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Hertford & Ware District Primary Schools Netball Tournament – Wednesday 1 March

Our netball team did extremely well in the tournament and returned as Champions of the medium sized schools.

Congratulations to:- Tia Prosser, Emma Lester, Ruby Hicks, Izabel Sullivan, Amber Madell, Jessica Scott, Kacie Knight, Olivia Reynolds and Ruby Phillips,


Hertford & Ware District Primary Schools Boys Football Tournament – Monday 13 March

Our Year 5/6 squad took part in this exciting competition on a lovely afternoon at Wodson Park. They came third in their group but this was not enough for them to progress through to the next round.

Well played: Finley Potter, Archie Bunyan, Harry Cannon, Matthew Cushing, Tylan Hernandez, Danny Quartley and Jake Reynolds.

Sports Crew

As Sports Crew members our role is to make sports at St John's even better.  An imporant job at Sports Crew is to provide sport games for the lower years (on Wednesdays).  Before we teach the activiites we plan and test them.  We meet every Tuesday lunchtime to discuss ways of making the games even more exciting and challenging.  We thoroughly enjoy teaching the games to the younger children and working together as Sports Crew members.

Collective Worship Team

As a member of the Collective Worship Team we have many responsibilities including planning Collective Worship collaboratively with the rest of the team.  We meet twice a week to plan and prepare for our collective worship, we get resources ready and learn our lines.  We really enjoy acting in front of the rest of the school.  We carried out a survey and had really positive results.

Hen Team

As a Hen Team member we have the responsibility of looking after the welfare of our hens (Rosie, Katie, Blossom and Coco).  We get to work collaboratively with the younger children to feed the hens.

One of the highlights of the week is the egg sale on Friday.  The money we raise goes towards the upkeep of the hens. Each week we have a different hen team who feed, water and clean out the hens' coup.  We really love the responsibility of caring for our hens.

School Council

As School Council representatives we have many debates about supporting charities and ways of raising money.  We also have many roles such as Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.  We meet on a regular basis to discuss how we can improve the school.

We really enjoy this role and believe that our opinions and contributions are valued.

House Captains

The role of House Captain is to plan out different school activities.

Recently we have been developing a new house point system, something we really enjoyed being involved in.

We also help with different school activities including present wrapping for our linked school in the Gambia, Madina Mannen, helping with the preparation of school fetes and house teas.