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Year 2

cl2 science


We are really good at investigating in Year 2! We were finding out which materials were waterproof and which were not. We made predictions and tested to see if we were correct or not.


We had some special visitors come to meet us. Their names were Jess and Ella and they are university students studying medical product engineering. They taught us lots about Science! They also told us about all the amazing jobs you can when you grow up using the skills you learn in Science!


Working Collaboratively

We developed our ‘working collaboratively’ skills in Class 2 where we had to work in pairs to design and make a Lego house. After we had created amazing Lego houses, we wrote instructions telling other children how to make one for themselves!

Paradise Wildlife Park

We visited Paradise Wildlife Park to help us learn more about our Science topic ‘Humans and other animals’. We had a great day and found out lots of new facts about wild animals. We got very close to beautiful wild animals such as the white tiger and an anaconda!



In Class 2 we are learning about ‘Nurturing nurses’ in history. We had a great time turning our class into a hospital! Doctor Eliseo helped bandage Ruby’s leg. We are going to turn our role-play area into a hospital so we can help other patients feel better.


We have been carrying out scientific investigations in Class 2. We were investigating whether all hard materials are absorbent. We worked collaboratively to find the answer to this question and are beginning to develop the skill of recording our findings.



In Year 2 we were being scientists and investigating whether things are living or non-living. We were asking scientific questions and thinking carefully about the answers. We had a visit from the stick insects that live in Reception and we were very brave holding them!


In Class 2 we were developing our blending skills in art. We blended yellow, orange and red to make our Great Fire of London paintings look realistic! We also created silhouettes of the houses


Hertford Fire Station

We visited Hertford Fire Station as part of our topic ‘The Great Fire of London’. We learnt about what firefighters do and how different it was in the past. We also got to watch the firefighters set our Tudor houses (which we had made out of cereal boxes) on fire! We had a great morning!