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Year 2

Steel Band Workshop

We had some visitors in school on Friday 22nd June. They were the Irie Steel band and they played some wonderful music for us. We had a dance in the assembly and all the teachers joined in! Each year group then got to have a workshop with the band where we listened to more music, got to play the drums and had another chance to dance.

Here is a link to the website


You can go on and have a look.

Yr 2 steel band
yr 2 australia

Australian Visitor

We had a special visitor in Year 2. Mrs Robinson is Australian and came to answer our questions about our topic. She answered all our questions and taught us lots. She also let us try her favourite Australian chocolate called Violet Crumble. It was a very tasty and informative session!


We have been learning to write instructions. We made jam sandwiches in class and then wrote instructions telling the reader how to make them. It was fun working collaboratively to make the sandwiches and we enjoyed eating them afterwards!


Music Project

Year 2 and 3 are taking part in a music project called ‘Organising and controlling myself through sound’. We are using a range of instruments and using jottings to record the music we make. We love being the conductor and being in change of our own little orchestra!

Growing Plants

We have started a new Science topic called ‘Growing Plants’. Our first job as gardeners was to take all the weeds out the soil to prepare it for our seeds. It was so much fun! We can’t wait to plant our different seeds and watch them grow.

Yr 2 Paradise Wildlife Park

Paradise Wildlife Park

On Wednesday 14th March, Year 2 visited Paradise Wildlife Park. We learnt lots of new facts about animals and where they came from. It was a great day! 


We have a tennis coach coming in every week to teach us new skills. We enjoy playing games to help us develop our ball and racquet skills.


Design and Technology

In Design Technology we are designing and making a vehicle use in a game where we have to transport Santa round the UK! We have started by exploring vehicles and thinking about wheels and axles. We had great fun investigating wheels and axles and how they work together to move a vehicle. 


In Class 2 we  have been exploring materials. We looked at cornflour slime and discussed the strange properties it had! We had lots of fun working collaboratively as we developed our scientific vocabulary.

Yr 2 science 11.17

Anti-Bullying Week

When it was Anti-Bullying week the year 5’s came in and told us about Anti Bullying.  They said there was going to be a competition to make a poster.  Whoever wins will get their poster up in the school.

We also in Anti-Bullying week made Anti-Bullying stories, it was a copy of the story Topsy and Tim help a Friend.  Anti-Bullying week was fun.

By Emily Smawfield.


In Class 2 we have been working collaboratively to learn more about the Great Fire of London. We have a challenge to order the events of the fire. This helped us understand what had happened. We listened to ideas and worked well as ateam.

year 2 history 10.17
y 2 maths 9.17


In Class 2 we have been using equipment in maths to help us work out answers to questions. We like our hundred squares, number lines, bead strings and dienes apparatus. Using the equipment is helping us to be more independent.

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