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Year 3

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Design and Technology Day

Design and Technology day was great fun!  We loved stepping back in time and handling artefacts to find out what people had invented from different time periods.  We also enjoyed designing a new type of footwear after analysing Mr Young's smelly shoes!

Verulamium Museum

On Friday 24 February we went on a class trip to Verulamium Museum to learn more about the Roman Empire.   We looked at some huge mosaics and a hypocaust, which is how the Roman's heated their homes.  We were also able to handle real life Roman artefacts and tried to guess what they were used for.  This was harder than you'd think!

verulamium museum
science 2


Everyone in Class 3 loved investigating magnets in Science. Here we are moving toy cars without touching them! First we had to blue tac a magnet to the back of a car. Then we had to try to push the magnets together ensuring the poles were the same. This meant the magnets repelled each other.

UK and Ireland Topic

In Class 3 our Topic this half term has been UK and Ireland. We have learnt about the 4 countries which make up the United Kingdom as well as the Republic of Ireland.

We split into 5 groups and researched key information about our chosen country, such as their biggest lakes, rivers, mountains and famous landmarks. We then put our information onto a poster and presented our findings to the rest of the class. 



In Literacy we have been reading legend stories and using interesting vocabulary in our writing.


During our Art lessons we drew our own mystical creatures then made them out of clay.