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Year 6

Sports Day

The weather was particularly kind again for our annual Sports Day. The Year 6 children were keen to impress after their heroics in the District Sports and Sportshall Athletics competitions and finally answer the question…who is the quickest boy and girl in the school? There were so many close races throughout the day and it was lovely to see such good team spirit as all of the children across the school cheered on their houses.

Our obstacle course race also demonstrated one of our key values of honesty as well as showing good sportsmanship as the temptation to bend the rules was resisted! Another value which was shown by a number of Year 6 children was compassion. All of the staff noticed how caring they were towards the younger children and how helpful they were in organising equipment for the races.

We all had a great morning and the children enjoyed participating in their last sports day at St John the Baptist.


In English we have enjoyed reading a book called 'Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide to the Fantastical World Around Us'.  we have learnt and written about a variety of mythical creatures, then came up with our own!  We had to think carefully about what makes our creature unique and think of interesting ways to portray our beasts.

Yr 6 ware museum1Yr 6 ware museum2

Ware Museum

On Thursday the 26th of April, Year six went on a school trip to Ware museum to enhance our understanding of WW2. The day started off with all of us coming to school and making our way to the train station (the train got delayed by twenty minutes, leaving us very bored!) When we arrived we were divided into groups of 6 and we all took part in different activities over the course of the day such as: designing propaganda posters, matching planes, rationing, dressing up as people during World War 2 and making gas mask boxes. At lunchtime we enjoyed ourselves by playing in the park and eating delicious ice-creams.  Throughout the day we learnt all about what life would be like if we were living during the time of World War 2. 

Dragons Den

Before Christmas SJB Dragons took part in the junior dragons den apprentice. We had to think of unique fundraising activities for the charity: Hoddesdon Community Society of performing arts. It was a hard and exciting experience for all of us, but if we had the chance we would do it again! It was a difficult decision between all the different activities but we decided on the suitable and most creative ones such as: face painting/ hairspray/tattoos, how many sweets were in the jar, guess the name of the teddy, cake sale and many more- we hope you enjoyed them all. It all worked out as expected and everyone did really well running their event.  The amount we raised was £328.33 which was a lot more than we expected. A few weeks later we had to do a presentation in front of the dragons- it was very nerve wracking! We did really well though and we got an award for best presentation.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the fundraiser and  we are going to write our cheque to Hoddesdon Community Society of Performing Arts.

Yr 6 knex challenge

K'nex Challenge

On Wednesday 25th of April we took part in a k’nex challenge. We had to build a crane that could lift Sarah’s  bucket of rubbish on to a truck. We paired up and were given an hour to design and build our machine. You could earn extra points by adding special features. We thought it was fun but stressful because of the time constraints and parts not working as we’d expected! We also had to give a short presentation on our machine and we were judged on a number of criteria. In the end Tommy and Tylan won however we all learnt how to work under pressure as well as finishing a project on time.

World War 2

Last Tuesday afternoon (23 January) year six were lucky enough to have Mr Simmonds come in and tell us lots of interesting facts about World War 2.  We learnt a lot of things about what life was like in Britain at the beginning of the War.  We even got to see the portions of rations that one person got for a week (it was extremely small!).    This was a great experience and we would love to have him come in and teach us more about the Second World War. 

Yr 6 WW2
Yr 6 anti bullying 2

Anti-Bullying Week

Every day we were learning small parts about anti-bullying so by the end of the week we were very informed.  We made anti-bullying posters for the year 5 competition.  In big write we wrote a story about bullying.   Year 5 came into our class and taught us about what bullying is and how to solve it.  As a class we thought of ways of how to prevent bullying from happening.  We incorporated anti-bullying in other lessons.  In English we wrote a diary entry as either a bully or a victim.

By Tylan Hernandez and Siena Jarman-Tew


In maths we have been looking at fractions.  We thought about how we could turn an improper fraction into a mixed fraction.  We then used our knowledge to help us when we added fractions.   Quite often after we had added the fractions we found they became improper fractions.

Yr 6 Heart


We have been thinking about how our heart rate increases when we do exercise.  We had to choose how we were going to plan and do our investigations.  The four topics that we chose were: Does your age affect your heart rate when you do exercise?  Does your height affect your heart rate when you do exercise?  Does the type of exercise affect your heart rate?  Does your gender afftect your heart rate after you've done exercise?


In year 6 we have been reading a book called 'Eye of the Wolf'.  We have been thinking about the characters' thoughts and feelings.  During English we thought about the characters and decided if we liked or disliked them.  We had to explain why we liked or disliked them.


In science we have been learning about the circulatory system.  This includes how the heart and lungs work together transferring oxygenated blood around the body.


In literacy we've been reading a book called Kensuke's Kingdom.  We have been focusing on Michael's feelings throughout the book so far.  We received a letter from Michael and he was asking for advice on whether he should sail around the world or not. We then pretended to by Agony Aunts and replid providing solutions for his dilemma.

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