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Year 6

Ancient Greek Pots(1)

Ancient Greece

This term we have been doing a topic on Ancient Greece and have been designing and making Greek pots.  We have learnt about how the designs on them would often have specific patterns and that pictures would tell us about everyday life during that time. The children have spent a long time working with clay to make their pots and will soon be painting and decorating them using the designs that they have created.

Ancient Greece

As part of our topic on Ancient Greeks the class went into groups to research different areas of everyday life and beliefs of the Greeks at that time.  They created a brainstorm with their ideas and then made those into posters.  They also created leaflets about life in Ancient Greece.

Ancient Greeks(2)
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Kensuke's Kingdom

In Year 6 we have been settling into our year. We have been enjoying getting stuck into our new project on the book ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ by Michael Morpurgo. We have loved writing diary entrees and creating alternative front covers for the book. We have also done some fantastic haiku’s based around a key moment in the story. As Year Six children we now have lots of monitoring responsibilities around the school which we have been getting used to over the past couple of weeks.