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Year 1


During the term we have been learning how to play many different instruments with the help of Mr Write, who has been teaching us about skinned, metal and wood instruments.

Mr Jackson brought in a didgeridoo and we had the chance to try and play it. We found it very fun and hard to play.


Yr 1 Didgeridoo

Shepreth Wildlife Park

On Tuesday Year 1 travelled to Shepreth Wildlife Park, near Cambridge. First we saw the wallabies and the alpacas. Then we went inside to see where all the dinosaur skulls were. After that we had a snack and a little wander round. Mrs Steven’s group went to see African Sands. There were Giant tortoises in here.

Then a zookeeper taught us all about different types of animals and how they match their habitat. We held a stick insect and stroked a snake. We also stroked a bearded dragon.

After lunch we had a play and then saw some owls flying. They flew right over our heads. We had a really good time.

Report by Jaxon Jones and Holly Brown

Yr 1 Shepreth 2


We have enjoyed learning about weights and comparing the weight of different items.  We then weighed each item using cubes and created a graph.

Weight graph

Levers and Sliders

We have finished our Levers and Sliders topic in D & T.  we enjoyed creating our final designs of creating a slider for the ship sailing on the sea.

Levers and sliders


In Year 1 over this half term we have been learning different ways of creating texture using paint and how we can create patterns. To put everything we have learnt together we have created our own Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night. See some of our pictures.

Year 1 artYear 1 Art 3


In Science we have been learning about light. We have learnt that the sun moves across the sky during the day and found that our shadows move.
We have then been also learning that when a shadow gets drawn around and cut out, we call this a silohette. We draw around out others in the class and cut out our silohettes.

Year 1 Shadows

Anti-Bullying Week

Class 5 came into our class and told us about anti-bullying and about being a bystander.  We then wrote about it and drew pictures.    

By Demi Cole and Jaxon Jones

Starting in Year 1

In maths we have been learning our number bonds to 10. 

In Science we learnt about plants and created an experiment to find out if water or sunlight helps out plants grow.

In English we read a story called Class Two at the Zoon.  An anaconda ate the children and the teacher.  We asked some animal questions aout what we wanted to find out.

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