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Year 4


Topic work is about Rainforests and about where they are situated around the world in relation to the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn and the Equator.  The class will understand what Deforestation is and use this information to write arguments.



Year 4 have been learning about Electricity and about where it comes from, how it is used and how to use it safely.  They have been learning about the components that make a working circuit.  They have practically investigated making different circuits to find out why they do or do not work.

Using their knowledge and understanding of making circuits they will use these for their Design and Technology unit on Electricity.


Year 4 are reading The Iron Man by Ted Hughes.  The book will give them the opportunity to understand how vocabulary can be used to build up a picture and the tension in the story.

The children will also be working on the grammar expectations for Year 4: pronouns and determiners.



Year 4 are working on the number system: understanding about place value, addition and subtraction.  They will understand that ‘find the difference’ can be found by subtracting or by using ‘frog’.

Children are regularly reminded that they should be learning and remembering their times table facts particularly for the six and seven times tables.



Children are learning about ‘States of Matter’ and how the particles are arranged differently to form gas, liquids and solids.  They will have the opportunity to see how heating and cooling can affect foods, how ice and hot water can change and use thermometers to measure temperature.  They will learn about evaporation and condensation and have a greater understanding of the water cycle.

The children acted out the role of the particles: standing close together, standing apart and being anywhere in the room.


South America

Our topic work this half term is geography based, and they are studying South America.  They are learning about where the continent can be found, how the climate is different in different countries and what natural resources it has.  The children are learning about physical and human geography.   As part of their work the children will use atlases, books and be given the opportunity to study using the laptops.