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Year 4

Yr 4 Iron Man DT

Iron Men Models

We have been making Iron Men models.  We had to include levers and linkages to make different parts of the Iron Man move.  It was tricky to make a hole for the linkages.

South America

Year 4 has been studying South America.  They have learnt where in the world this continent is, the range of weather that the people experience and understood what physical and human geography is. Each child has undertaken a task requiring them being a holiday rep and explaining why others should visit their chosen country from South America.

Year 4 has learnt about a Brazilian artist: Romero Britto and have produced paintings in his style using a limited colour palette.

Year 4 Romero Britto paintings


Year 4 have been working on number; sequencing and counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  They have begun using the column methods for adding and subtracting.  The children are realising the importance of knowing their multiplication tables as many aspects of maths requires this knowledge.


Year 4 have been reading and studying ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes.  They have greatly enjoyed reading this book.  The children have looked at the language used to describe the Iron Man and the situations in which he and the people have found themselves. 

Children are using the story to learn more about the features of newspapers: headings, paragraphs, bylines and captions.

Year 4 English
Year 4 Science sound


In Science the children have been learning about States of Matter: gas, liquid and solids.  They have learnt that matter is made up of particles that behave differently depending on the ‘matter’. 

The children have learnt about evaporation and condensation and how these fit into the water cycle.

They have experienced what happens to some foods when they are warmed up or cooled down, and whether they can return to how they looked before the heating and cooling process.  This was linked to making chocolate cornflake cakes.


Year 4 has just started to find out about sound; how it is made, what it is that they hear and what sound feels like.  So far, they have made lots of ‘noise’.


Topic work is about Rainforests and about where they are situated around the world in relation to the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn and the Equator.  The class will understand what Deforestation is and use this information to write arguments.


Year 4 have been learning about Electricity and about where it comes from, how it is used and how to use it safely.  They have been learning about the components that make a working circuit.  They have practically investigated making different circuits to find out why they do or do not work.

Using their knowledge and understanding of making circuits they will use these for their Design and Technology unit on Electricity.

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