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Year 5

K'new Challenge

Congratulations to Eloise and Bonnie for designing the winning K'nex pulley and lever model..

Yr 5 K'nexchallenge winners
Year 5 VloggingYear 5 Vlogging 2


In computing we have been learning to blog and vlog.  We have found it really interesting.  We are looking forward to our next topic - We are Architects

Maya Workshop

Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed participating in a Maya workshop led by Dr Diana Davis.  They got to handle Maya artefacts and learn about the Maya civilisation.

Year 5 Maya 2
Year 5 Design and Technology 2Year 5 Design and Technology

Design and Technology

In Design and Technology we designed a pulley system to make the lives of the chimney sweeps easier and safer.  We all chose someone to work with then we had to design our sytem and learn how to use a hot glue gun and a saw safely.  Then we started to build.  It was a very tricky task but we all perservered and in the end we all managed to create the perfect pulley system.

By Autumn Shine and Chloe Whichelow

Victorian Handwriting

Victorian Handwriting

In Year 5 we had Mr Simmonds (a former architect and history enthusiast) come in and improve our knowledge of the Victorian era.  We enjoyed the handwriting activity which included the use of slate (stone) and practiced our handwriting using this tool.  This proved to be challenging because the slate was bumpy and difficult to write on.  Although this was a challenge, we persevered and carried on enjoying the rest of the Victorian day!

By Finlay Bradford


5 Handwriting on slate 25 The Victorians - handwriting on slate
5 Topic - Victorians

Victorian Artifacts

In Class 5 we were lucky enough to have Mr Simmonds come in and teach us more about the Victorians!  We learned that in the Victorian times, every room in the house was darker which meant that the food being cooked was possibly poisoned!  We even got a chance to put blind folds on to feel the bottles to test the following: if the bottles had raised dots on them that meant the contents inside were poisonous!!  It took a lot of courage to put our blind folds on!  The class also learned that before Prince Albert died, Britons wore brighter, colourful clothing and jewellery.  Unfortunately, when he died, Queen Victoria went into mourning and wore black for the rest of her life including darker and gloomy jewellery!  London was expected to show respect by wearing black and painting every rail black as well.  We had a fantastic day and want to thank Mr Simmonds for spending time with us!

By Maisy Potter and Mia Edmondson

Victorian Art – William Morris

In Year 5, we are learning about a famous Victorian artist called William Morris.  He created wallpaper that was symmetrical.  We researched some of his pieces of art; we then had to create our own wallpaper design based upon his sketches.  After we drew our first draft, Mrs Volschenk encouraged us to make our symmetrical piece with one side being oil pastel and the other side charcoal.  Everyone’s design came out perfectly!

By Charlie Ridley

5 William Morris art work
5 Science - separating mixtures5 Separating mixtures (2)


In Science we have been learning how to separate solids from liquids.  Our first objective was to separate 6 different solids such as cornflakes, paperclips, staples and tiny grains that were mixed up.  Our table used a few different methods which included using sieves and scooping with cups.  Our second challenge was to use a filter to draw water away from the sand.  However, our table didn’t do very well with this method because the sand absorbed too much water and became extremely heavy which made the filter paper a lot weaker!  Our third and final challenge was to get salt to dissolve in water.  Our table did very well with this task because our method was efficient; we stirred the solution very fast which made the salt dissolve quicker.  We’ve really enjoyed Science this term and are very excited to find out what our topic is for next term!

By Freddie Webb and Harry Preston


In basketball we have been learning how to work together in groups of three and how to steal the ball away from each other!  It took courage to take the ball away from our teammates, learning how to play this fast game.  We learned dribbling skills by bouncing the ball to each other.  Year 5 practised the following passes:  head pass, bounce pass and chest pass.  We had to work as a whole class to play fun games but also to work collaboratively.  We would like to say thank’s to PJ for teaching us all the basketball skills we know and for making us laugh!  Class 5 looks forward to this next term with PJ.

By Molly Brooks, Rebecca Vass and Charlie Ridley

5 Basketball5 Team building in basketball
Y5 French


We have been reading the story 'La Belle au Bois Dormant' (Sleeping Beauty) in French this term.  We performed the song in Collective Worship.


In computing we have been learning 'Morse code' to help us solve secret messages.

Y5 Computing - Morse code
Y5 Science 2


In Science the children continue to enjoy learning about forces and working collaboratively to plan and carry out thier own investigations.

Anti-Bullying Week

During Anti-Bullying week Year 5 went into each class to help children understand what bullying is and the difference between an Active and Passive Bystander.  We really enjoyed the week and hope that all children willbe Active Bystanders.

By Finlay Bradford and Ashleigh Corbett

During Anti-bullying week we performed to each class by carrying out role plays explaining what active and passive bullying is.  We produced some anti-bullying art, and looked at artists who showed bullying in picture form without using any words.  We also made posters where we could write about bullying as well as drawing.  We also wrote a poem about anti-bullying.  It was fun to practice and make our own role play performances although it was difficult to make sure we used the right language for the younger years.

By Rufus Fry and Maia Driscoll-Rowe

Y5 Anti Bullying weekAnti bullyingweek 2Y5 bully poem
Y5 Creation week 10.17Y5 Creation display 10.17

Creation Week

Last week was creation week and throughout the week year 5 had to collaborate and write a poem.  We also worked collaboratively to make a whole class collage.  We had a fantastic week of creation.

By Charlie Ridley and Siena Jones

Fire Safety

On Wednesday 11 October Year 5 were very lucky to have the red watch fire brigade come in to teach us all about how to stay safe if there was a fire.  We did a rotation of acitivities that we really enjoyed!

Y5 Fire Brigade visit 10.17Y5 Fire Brigade 10.17
Y5 Computing 10.17


In computing we've been focusing on coding a game on Scratch 2.  The aim of our game is to collect the falling carrots as a bunny in the time limit.  However, if you collect a mouldy carrot you lose a point.

By Rufus Fry and Maia Driscoll-Rowe

World War I

My Great, Great, Grandfather served in World War I.  This is the handkerchief and postcard he sent home to my Great Gran.

By Sophie Burch

Y5 Sophie Burch 10.17
Topic Historyyear 5 tobacco tin 9.17year 5 Ashleigh's artefacts 9.17

World War I Topic

In topic we have been learning about World War I and what it was like to be a soldier in the trenches.  We have started to create our own World War I posters.  We retrieved our information about the Great War from books and the internet.  We worked collaboratively to create our posters.  We really enjoyed this activity.

By Cassia



Year 5 were very lucky to be able to handle genuine artefacts from World War I.  Ashleigh's Great, Great Grandad, Peter Parker, fought in the Great War and after morning duties decorated bomb shells.  Asheligh shared with us her Great, Great Grandad's tobacco tin issued to all soldiers in 1914 by Princess Mary.


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