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Year 5

Y5 Creation week 10.17Y5 Creation display 10.17

Creation Week

Last week was creation week and throughout the week year 5 had to collaborate and write a poem.  We also worked collaboratively to make a whole class collage.  We had a fantastic week of creation.

By Charlie Ridley and Siena Jones

Fire Safety

On Wednesday 11 October Year 5 were very lucky to have the red watch fire brigade come in to teach us all about how to stay safe if there was a fire.  We did a rotation of acitivities that we really enjoyed!

Y5 Fire Brigade visit 10.17Y5 Fire Brigade 10.17
Y5 Computing 10.17


In computing we've been focusing on coding a game on Scratch 2.  The aim of our game is to collect the falling carrots as a bunny in the time limit.  However, if you collect a mouldy carrot you lose a point.

By Rufus Fry and Maia Driscoll-Rowe

World War I

My Great, Great, Grandfather served in World War I.  This is the handkerchief and postcard he sent home to my Great Gran.

By Sophie Burch

Y5 Sophie Burch 10.17
Topic Historyyear 5 tobacco tin 9.17year 5 Ashleigh's artefacts 9.17

World War I Topic

In topic we have been learning about World War I and what it was like to be a soldier in the trenches.  We have started to create our own World War I posters.  We retrieved our information about the Great War from books and the internet.  We worked collaboratively to create our posters.  We really enjoyed this activity.

By Cassia



Year 5 were very lucky to be able to handle genuine artefacts from World War I.  Ashleigh's Great, Great Grandad, Peter Parker, fought in the Great War and after morning duties decorated bomb shells.  Asheligh shared with us her Great, Great Grandad's tobacco tin issued to all soldiers in 1914 by Princess Mary.