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Year 5

C5 British Museum

The British Museum

On Wednesday 28th June, Year 5 went to visit The British Museum in London.  In class we studied a famous Maya bloodletting artefact and we saw this in the museum.  Year 5 enjoyed this experience very much and would love to go there in the future.

Written by Tia Prosser and Amber Madell

Experience Pentecost

St John the Baptist school particiapted in an Experience Pentecost morning.   We took part in several activities with members of the local church community and they taught us lots of interesting facts about Pentecost.  We thorughly enjoyed the morning activity and would love to have the opportunity to do it again in the future.

Written by Tylan Hernandez

C5 Experience Pentecost(1)
C5 Sports day

Sports Day

On Tuesday 4 July St John the Baptist had sports day.  It was a fun filled morning and a variety of races were held.  It was a very competitive morning but everyone still enjoed it!  All of the races looked extremely enjoyable to particiapte in.  Green House won overall with 125 points.

Written by Isabelle Kessler and Megan Taylor

K'nex Chalenge

Today (26.5.17) we took part in a k’nex challenge. We were given the task of building a bridge that would get a parcel from one side of a river to another .  It had to be 30cm in length or more, be able to hold 50 grams or more in weight and move for boats passing the bridge. We could be as creative as we liked and used any mechanism in the world. Such as a spinner, folding table and draw bridge. To get extra marks we could also create a special feature such as Mrs Volschenk and Ms Tona’s  bunjee  jump. Thankfully we all passed the test but sadly only one construction could win and get through to the county final with a 100 other schools, and that was us!!!!!! Hoorrraaahhhh!

Written by Tommy and Spike

K'nex 26th MayK'nex winners! 26th May

Fire Safety

Class five were visited by firemen from the ‘Red Watch’ at Hertford Fire station.  The children learnt about the dangers of fire and how to stay safe in the event of a fire. The children found the morning very informative. 

BMX Chalenge

We were lucky enough to have a BMX work shop with Mike Mullen a BMX UK  Pro Half Pipe champion.  The children enjoyed building their confidence and improving their cycling skills.

Bmx work shop
Photo to be used for D and T

Design and Technology

The children thoroughly enjoyed the design and technology day, they enjoyed the challenge of up levelling footwear of their choice. They found handling the historical artefacts fascinating.


In maths we continue to improve our mathematical skills and really enjoy Big maths on a Friday!  We play shape bingo because it is a great way to enhance our understanding of 2D and 3D shape.

Maths to replace the photo there
William Morris Art works

The Victorians

In topic the children are learning about the Victorians and have produced their own timelines. They have learnt about the British Empire and were inspired to recreate art work in the style of William Morris.


Recently In science we have been learning about thermal insulators and conductors. The children had to plan their own experiment to find out what material would make the best lining for a lunch box.


Science Thermal insulators
Stew (1)


Year 5 enjoyed their trip to Hertford Museum. They learnt about a brave soldier called Alfred Bert. Albert came from Hertfordshire and was awarded the prestigious Victoria Cross for bravery.

We enjoyed making Maconochies Stew, a traditional World War 1 recipe. The children wrote and performed their own adverts, advertising the delights of Maconochies stew!



The children have enjoyed researching WW1 and took part in a jigsaw activity.


In computing the children are designing and creating their own computer games.



The children have started playing tag rugby this term and are really enjoying it.

We are all really enjoying Basketball every Friday.


We researched life in the tenches and the children have written informal letters.  We learnt about a very brave pigeon called Cher-ami and the children wrote newspaper articles based on his beroic actions.


We have been learning about the features of a plant.  We have learnt about vascular and nonvascular plants.  The children enjoyed disecting flowers to identity the male and female parts.